Review: Batman: The Dark Knight #1 (Jenkins & Finch)


Well, the third and final Bat book has hit the stands, but the punch has been pulled back a little. The art is outstanding, the story good, but there is really nothing that grabs you and makes you say "wow" when you close the book. 

Last week we saw a breakout at Arkham in the pages of Batman, and this week we see yet another breakout at the nefarious Arkham! I mean, we have all seen it a thousand times before but this is supposed to be the new DCnU, right? I want to be excited again, I want to see something I have never seen before, and it just seems like this was a blown opportunity. To capture new readers you need to give them something NEW

If you have never read a Batman book before, this one will give you a glimpse of what it could be like. But if you want to be completely blown away by what the new DCnU Batman truly is — get Batman #1 or Daniel's solo take in Detective Comics #1! Both outstanding books that will keep you enthralled by either of them!

Batman: Dark Knight #1 is good but there is better out there if you can find them!