Review: Aquaman #7


Before there was the Justice League, there was — the Others!

Who are they and what, if anything, did they have to do with the destruction of Atlantis? These and other questions are brought to the front burner as writer Geoff Johns presents one of his most intriguing scripts yet on the past of titular character Aquaman.

This issue, #7, is what the “New 52” promised in September and here DC really delivers with an all-new slant on that golden trident that the merman has been wielding lo these many years but especially using since the reboot (if you haven’t noticed), both in the pages of his own mag and in Justice League.

So we follow the mysterious “hunter” as he stalks and kills on the way to claiming mystic weapons apparently of Atlantean origin. A golden shield, a golden helm — on and on until the most powerful, the trident of Aquaman!

How this was gonna go down was anyone’s guess, but this story holds you every bit as much as when Johns gave Hal Jordan the same treatment.

And again, a beautiful book with each panel reaching out to touch us under the talented team of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. The panel arrangement, facial expressions and emotions of the characters come through loud and clear! Kudos also to Rod Reis on his usual brilliant colors for this highly mythic adventure.

I was afraid this “Others” storyline was gonna kinda falter after the great “Trench” arc. I should have known better! Great read!