Rachel Nichols not returning to G.I. Joe 2 – but reveals three that are?


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:126:]]We learned that G.I. Joe 2 is on the way from Justin Bieber: Never Say Never director John Chu, but details as to which Joes or Cobra members set to return were scarce.

Rachel Nichols, who played Scarlet in the first, posted a couple tweets worth looking at that might fill us in.

The second of two mentions three returning roles with: Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Duke.

However a day before, Nichols seemed down in regards to news she had heard about G.I. Joe with this post (via twitter):

“Holy banana pants! More than 10,000 followers? You all made my day. Thank you. After the GI JOE news I had Heavy Boots, but I’m smiling now!”

Now, if I’m reading into the above statements correctly – it sounds like she heard news that Scarlet was not going to be coming back, felt better having more then ten thousand followers, and then revealed the three names?

Either that, or she is is returning and is bummed that the entire cast is not coming back?

Regardless if three or four are coming back – that leaves a whole heck of a lot of the cast out. When I heard Bieber’s name was involved I did cringe – just a little.

Guess, we’ll find out eventually.

G.I. Joe 2 is scheduled to begin shooting this fall.

Look for Rachel Nichols in the upcoming Conan The Barbarian3-D set to hit August 19th, 2011.