‘Power Rangers’ Announces ‘Cosmic Fury’ For 30th Season

Executive producer and showrunner Simon Bennett announces the title and cast for National Power Rangers Day.

Executive producer and showrunner Simon Bennett announces the title and cast for National Power Rangers Day.

'Power Rangers' Announces 'Cosmic Fury' For 30th Season

For Power Rangers Day, Hasbro has announced the next season will be titled “Cosmic Fury,” with executive producer and showrunner Simon Bennett returning who produced “Dino Fury.”

It is also announced that for the first time since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the cast will return for a third straight year.

“Hi Ranger Nation, and happy Power Rangers day. My name is Simon Bennett and I’m the executive producer and showrunner of Power Rangers: Dino Fury. Now Hasbro and I have some exciting news that I just can’t wait to share with you today, and the news is that I will be returning to Power Rangers season 30, which is viewable in 2023 and the name of the season is Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury,” Bennett said. “Now as you can see the sets are going up here in the studio in New Zealand, and we have a little tease we wanted to share with you.”

Power Rangers cast
Power Rangers cast

Power Rangers: Dino Fury cast returns for Cosmic Fury

Bennett continued, “So the name and logo may seem familiar to you and that’s because I am not the only returning thing to Season 30, in fact, the entire Dino Fury Ranger cast will be coming back and they will be the Cosmic Fury team and their adventures as they fight bad guys will them out into space and across the galaxy.”

“Now, I know that you’re going to have lots of questions. There’ll be lots of speculation and everyone who wants to know a lot more about this new season. I’m afraid there’s not much I can say right now, but I promise you everything will be made clear very soon,” explained Bennett. “What I can say is that on behalf of eOne and Hasbro and the production team here in New Zealand is, I just wanted to thank everyone for your commitment to the show over the years. You know, your love for the brand is just a wonderful thing and is truly appreciated by everyone who works on the show. So everyone, have a fantastic National Power Rangers day.”

The cast of Power Rangers: Dino Fury includes Russell Curry as the Red Ranger, Kainalu Moya as the Blue, Tessa Rao as the Green, Chance Perez as the Black, Hunter Deno as the Pink, and Jordon T. Fite as the Gold.

The second half of season 2 of Diny Fury is due to get released on Netflix on September 29th.

Showrunner Simon Bennett announces Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury:

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