Post-SDCC Exclusive: Top Cow top dog Matt Hawkins talks of new mini-series, Control the Clock



One of the chief announcements made at last week’s SDCC was by Top Cow President Matt Hawkins, who told fans of a new mini-series he will be writing called Control.

To find out about the coming comic, Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer exclusively emailed some queries to the Top Cow top dog. We later received these replies, post-SDCC.

Cosmic Book News: Matt, tell us how the idea for the Control mini-series came about.

Matt Hawkins: We’re actually calling this one Control the Clock now.  I wanted to call it The Clock but apparently Warren Ellis was doing a book called that.  Changing it to Control temporarily, David Crispino chimed in about his book so I changed it to Control the Clock! This book is about a geneticist working out of Georgetown who is the foremost authority on cancer research.  It’s a eugenics conspiracy story about trying to cut overpopulation via some insidious means involving genetic warfare.  I love science and the science in this story is accurate as well.  I don’t want to give too much away this early but it’s kind of Think Tank meets the X-Files without the aliens.

CBN: How does the president of Top Cow find time to write so many ongoings and minis?

Matt Hawkins: All time management. (laughs) I work out my days now so that I can write during the mornings and do business in the afternoons and I try to get to email when I can, heh.  For me it’s simply prioritizing what needs to get done.  I’m a quick writer and believe in rewriting so that helps me get some of this stuff done.  I’m responding to this email after Comic-Con in the airport while waiting for my flight so you find the time.

CBN: Tell us about the basic story of Control the Clock.

Matt Hawkins: The story of a family in crisis amidst a morality play of the cataclysmic problems of overpopulation versus the evils of eugenics told from the POV of a man investigating the “murder” of his wife. 

CBN: What challenges does your protagonist face along the way in such an unusual adventure?

Matt Hawkins: He discovers that he’s part of the conspiracy and that he’s unwittingly caused a lot of damage.  That’s a tough one to swallow. 

CBN: Can you tell us about the big bad in this limited series?

Matt Hawkins: The bad guy is a Senator who is the leader of an international cabal that is trying to protect the world by killing a lot of people.  It’s twisted but believable.


CBN: Matt, might there be a chance for such an intriguing series to become an ongoing?

Matt Hawkins: Never say never, but with Aphrodite, Tales of Honor and Think Tank I can’t see me doing any more ongoing series unless one of those falls off.

CBN: What does artist Colleen Doran bring to the table here? Are you a fan?

Matt Hawkins: I am a huge fan Colleen and I’ve been friends for a very long time.  I’ve always wanted to work with her and this is the opportunity!

CBN: At mini-series’ end, what do you hope readers will take away from Control the Clock?

Matt Hawkins: Fear of the reality of our situation on this planet.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Matt Hawkins for answering our questions following a very busy San Diego Comic Con.