Paul Feig Says Ghostbusters 3 Will Not Ruin Your Childhood



Paul Feig is behind the Ghostbusters 3 reboot that will feature a squad of all-female Ghostbusters.

While wishing everyone a Happy New Year on Twitter, Feig has a message for the haters, which looks to include the original cast.

“Happy New Year to everybody,” Feig posted. “Even the Ghostbusters reboot haters.”

Feig then went on to continue that he promises not to ruin the haters’ childhoods.

“I love you all,” Feig said. “I promise I will try not to ruin your childhoods. #iswear.”

The Ghosbusters reboot has been said to be “scarier and more high-tech” than the originals, which will see the all-female Ghostbusters form to face an executed villain who, as a result of an electrical storm, is able to raise an army of the dead.

Rumored actors for the reboot include Cecily Strong, Peter Dinklage, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy and Ryan Gosling.

Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum are also possibly involved in a Ghostbusters spinoff.