Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Rotten Tomatoes Score Needs CPR

Has the worst reviews of the franchise including 'Afterlife' and 'Ghostbusters II.'

ghostbusters frozen empire rotten tomatoes score cpr

Advanced reviews for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire are coming in, so that means the Rotten Tomatoes Score is available, which happens to be the worst of the franchise and less than the previous film, Afterlife.

With 52 reviews presently accounted for, the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Rotten Tomatoes Score stands at 44%. The Audience Score will become available when the flick gets officially released this weekend.

Saturday Update: The score is at 43% with 210 reviews, and the Audience Score is at 84%, both much lower than Afterlife. The CinemaScore also isn’t all the great at a B+ which is the same as the female 2016 movie that fans didn’t like.

The box office also looks to be suffering as a result with a possible $42 million opening, lower than the $45 million estimates.

Sunday update: Box office estimates are now higher, said to be because of a big Saturday, at $45.2M.

ghostbustes frozen empire rotten tomatoes score 43

Original article continues:

The Rotten Tomatoes Score for Afterlife is at 64%; the female Ghostbusters released in 2016 is at 74%; Ghostbusters II released in 1989 is at 55%, and the first Ghostbusters released in 1984 is at 95%.

The Audience Score for Afterlife is at least on the favorable side with 94%; 2016 – 49%; GB II – 61%; GB ’84 – 88%.

The box office is also expected to be similar to both Afterlife and the 2016 movie, with a $45 million opening.

Find out what the negative reviews have to say below.

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What do the negative reviews have to say?

Here is a sample of the Top Critics:

Everyone is here—Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Paul Rudd, the list goes on—so it’s less who you gonna call than why? – Observer

The clumsy mixture of nostalgia, scares, set pieces, sincerity and wisecracks never gels, tempting a conclusion that it is perhaps time for Sony to give up this particular ghost. – Screen International

One could only make the case that Kenan and Reitman are pivoting from comedy to action if either the action or the comedy played more effectively. – The Film Verdict

Everything about the film is undercooked and lazy, and one is led to hope that this franchise is put back in the deep freeze for a very long time. – Little White Lies

There is a noxious undead pong emanating from this latest entry in the 1980s franchise, which is now being necromantically sustained through force of sheer commercial desperation, and nothing else. – Daily Telegraph

Feels like it exists as a studio imperative first — “Make a Ghostbusters movie with the cast of the old movies and the cast of the new movie!” — and a compelling story a very distant second. – ScreenCrush

This franchise might not be entirely dead just yet, but its latest resurrection doesn’t make nearly enough good arguments to keep pumping life into it. – indieWire

There was potential here, but Frozen Empire is an overpopulated mish-mash, with too many heroes to wrangle. What’s left is a bit of a gooey mess. We’ve been slimed. – Empire Magazine

The time has come for Hollywood to allow the spurious Ghostbusters franchise to join Jurassic World and Aquaman in the bin and think of something new. – Guardian

It all resembles a lot of cosplaying, although its central failing is foregrounding cacophonous mayhem and middling melodrama over the drollness that defined the first two Ghostbusters movies. – The Daily Beast

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