NYCC Safe: Canceling Thanksgiving Panel A Joke

Great time! No worries!

Great time! No worries!

NYCC Safe: Canceling Thanksgiving Panel A Joke

With everything going on in the world, people are on red alert.

There has been question if the New York Comic Con (NYCC) is safe.

Feeding on the frenzy, Deadline, who I don’t even think is at the NYCC, writes an article with the headline, “NYPD Clampdown Surrounds Big Apple’s Comic Con.”

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The article goes over the “beefed-up” presence of the police with mention that Eli Roth and TriStar Pictures and Spyglass Media took “extreme caution” on Friday by cancelling the horror movie, Thanksgiving, panel.

“This is not the right climate to bring a horror movie to a public convention,” a source filled in the site.


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Deadline also points out the NYCC “included a line of six armed police officers with semi-automatic weapons.”

Quotes are also included from “attendees” how the NYCC is “chaotic” and a “crowded amusement park.”

That’s complete bullshit.

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I’ve been going to conventions for 12 years. NYCC 2023 is hardly chaotic. I hardly noticed a police presence but of course they are there.

I actually think it’s less busy than previous cons. Not because fans didn’t show – it’s sold out – I think there is less exhibitors.

There is lots of room to walk and the Javits Center isn’t full of booths from wall to wall.

People are having a great time. No one is rude.

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Now the 2011 NYCC when I talked to Stan Lee — that was chaotic!

Stan Lee had so many fans show up on floor that the police and fire marshals showed up and threatened to close it down!

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I actually had a conversation with my taxi driver on the way from the airport to the Javits Center.

I asked Frank, who is originally from Ghana, if NYC is safe.

He said it’s completely safe!

I remarked how the Boys In Blue are out in full force.

Frank wasn’t worried at all. He’s been in NYC for 68 years and retired five years ago from a local hospital.

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It’s a shame they canceled the Thanksgiving panel especially since the actors are on strike and the flick probably needs much-needed promotion.

The fans at NYCC certainly aren’t on strike and didn’t cave to the frenzy!

And there are tons of horror fans here!

Live life, fellas!

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