Now Marvel Changes Galactus



Spoiler and images follow for this week’s Ultimates #2.


Say adios to another Marvel Cosmic character as you know him as it’s Galactus’ turn to get the royal cosmic shaft (plus, he’s a Fox studios-owned character).

This week’s issue of Ultimates #2 sees Galactus become — a good guy?!

I’ve actually always considered Galactus a bad guy as he kills planets and cares naught for the people living there. He’s just a big cosmic greedy gluttonous purple dude.

Actually, the argument is that Galactus is a force of nature and is just doing what he’s made to do, which is basically to balance out life and death (in the grand cosmic scheme of things). 

Regardless what you think of Galactus, Marvel has now turned the World Devourer on his head. Ultimates #2 sees Galactus become a life-giving force who can restore life to dead planets.

Happen to play the Marvel Contest of Champions video game?

Well, Blue Marvel uses Iso-8 – which is the new dues ex machina cosmic super-substance – and combines it with Galactus’ original birthing chamber to essentially reverse his powers. Now while we are all crying about how Galactus has changed, what results of Galactus becoming a life-giving force could be rather cool as Al Ewing could bring in the big cosmic heavyweights. With Galactus now a life-giver, the balance in the universe is obviously upset. So how will the universe go about restoring the balance? 

(Oh, yeah, and hey Marvel? How about adding a white guy to the team? I recommend Wendell Vaughn Quasar. He’s about as white bread as they come.)

Check out the images from Ultimates #2: