Awesome Nova MCU Concept Art From God of War Artist


With Marvel’s Phase 4 plans said to be going cosmic in a big way, hopefully, that means Richard Rider Nova will make his MCU debut.

It could be argued that The Avengers: Infinity War actually already laid the groundwork for Nova as Thanos destroyed Xandar, which could quite possibly have left Richard Rider the lone survivor along with the Nova Force (something similar to what happened with Annihilus and his Negative Zone forces destroying Xandar in the Marvel Comics Annihilation event).

Check out some cool fan-made concept art from the art director at Sony on God of War, Raf Grassetti.

“Here is a ‘Nova’ design! Had a lot of fun with this one and really challenging figuring out painting techniques for it. Inspired by the work of @ryan_meinerding_art and the other Marvel folks,” Grassetti posted on Instagram. “Trying to get faster as I do these. I’ll share some closeups and shots of the process later. Hope you like it! #marvel #avengers #annihilation #nova #characterdesign #zbrush #conceptart #comics.”

Awesome Nova MCU Concept Art

Awesome Nova MCU Concept Art

Yes, we do like it!

Richard Rider Nova actually almost made his way into the MCU as he was originally a part of Nicole Perlman’s script of the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, when James Gunn came on board with his goofier approach, Gunn removed Nova as he wanted Star-Lord, for some reason, to be the only human.

In the Marvel Comics, Richard Rider Nova is set to take on none other than Thanos’ Black Order!

Check out Grassetti’s Super-Skrull from Annihilation as well!

“‘Super Skrull’ concept I made during this weekend. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with some designs from Marvel’s Annihilation comics. Can’t wait for #captainmarvel and the second phase of the MCU! This was painted on #photoshop top of a quick #zbrush sketch. I’ll share a breakdown tomorrow and the other characters during this week,” Grassetti said.

MCU Concept art Super-Skrull

MCU Concept art Super-Skrull

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