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No Avi Arad Or Matt Tolmach For Marvel’s Spider-Man

No Avi Arad Or Matt Tolmach For Marvel’s Spider-Man

With Marvel and Sony’s joint announcement regarding Spider-Man, no mention was made of producer Avi Arad or Matt Tolmach.

Avi Arad has been onboard Spider-Man as a producer since Sony first purchased the rights, and Tolmach produced the Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Now in THR‘s report about the deal that went through, it’s noted that both Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach have been “downgraded” as executive producers, with it said they will have “no real say in the creative direction of the franchise.”

The producers of Amazing Spider-Man recently came under fire when a composer on the films blamed the producers for Amazing Spider-Man 2 being so bad.

Likewise, the Sony leaked e-mails revealed Marvel wanted to get rid of Arad, and even the president of Marvel Entertainment, Alan Fine, slammed the script for Amazing Spider-Man 2.

From previous comments, it seems Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach thought that Amazing Spider-Man would be a success simply because it’s “Spider-Man.”

The composer even let it be known that director Marc Webb had no input in the Amazing Spider-Man movies as the “producers had their own opinions.”

It’s also been said Marc Webb will not return for additional Spidey movies at Sony.