New Convergence Batman Leaks Online From Batman #40



Spoilers follow for the new Batman for Convergence, Batman #40 and “Batman Endgame.”

We’ve all seen the new Batman, with some comparing it to Chappie or even Big Hero 6.

Now, apparently, a page from Batman #40 has leaked online, with the issue not due out to April 29th.

The image reveals Commissioner Gordon in the new Batsuit.

I gotta say that this is rather surprising to have a big reveal from a DC book like this to leak online. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was leaked intentionally to quell the backlash against the new Batman suit. We even seen Gordon state, “This is the dumbest idea in the history of Gotham,” – which mirrors just about every Batman fan’s opinions, at least to date. Now that Gordon has seemingly become a Batman Robocop, it could actually be pretty cool story written by Snyder with art by Capullo.

Check it out.

Update: The page might actually be from DC’s Free Comic Book Day issue, Divergence, that is out Saturday, May 2nd, as users on reddit are reporting the entire issue leaked online. 

Update #2: We’ve been asked to take the image down.