Neflix ‘Love Death + Robots Vol. 3’ Takes Aim At Preppers, New World Order, Elon Musk

A new episode is surprisingly dropped online before the new volume's premiere on Friday.

A new episode is surprisingly dropped online before the new volume's premiere on Friday.


The Three Robots are back as Netflix has surprisingly dropped an episode from Love Death + Robots Vol. 3 ahead of tomorrow’s full release where it takes aim at preppers, the New World Order, and even Elon Musk.

The new episode “Exit Strategies” welcomes back K-VRC, XBOT 4000, and 11-45-G, the trio of inquisitive droids at the center of “Three Robots,” as they continue their investigation into the cause of the end of the (human) world.

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“Just like any archaeologists, human, robot or otherwise, they are going on information that is piecemeal at best,” says “Exit Strategies” writer John Scalzi. “And they have to make assumptions, they have to guess, and sometimes they get it wildly incorrect. When they do, hopefully, it’s funny.”

While the original “Three Robots” episode was based on a short story by Scalzi, the acclaimed sci-fi author of the best-selling Old Man’s War series and the Hugo Award-winning Redshirts, this time around he wrote the script, too – concurrent with a short story.

“For me, the thing that was great is I wrote the characters because, years ago, a friend of mine kept poking me until I contributed to her anthology, Robots Vs. Fairies. I knocked it out in about an hour,” said Scalzi. “The fact that something I did to keep my friend from annoying me has gone on to have such a long life – first in the book, then the first season, then being the only episode that is explicitly a sequel – just tickles me. And it thrills me, because the longer I’m with those characters, the more I love them.”

Love Death + Robots Vol. 3 is created by Tim Miller who is known for directing the first Deadpool movie where the episodes are five to 15 minutes in length featuring different animations from around the world.

The series has also won 11 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Love, Death + Robots Volume 3 premieres May 20.

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