Netflix Approaches Peter David For Young Justice Season 3


young justice season 3 peter david Netflix Approaches Peter David For Young Justice Season 3

Update #2: Peter David says he did not have a meeting with Netflix; however WB and Netflix have talked about Young Justice Season 3.

Update #1: Peter David is stating he’s been misquoted; however, the redditor is still stating, “He told me he met with Netflix.”

Original article:

Young Justice Season 3 On Netflix looks closer than ever to becoming a reality.

Following Young Justice creator Greg Weisman offering Season 3 is a real possibility, now Peter David, a writer on the series, offers he was approached by Netflix.

A redditor spoke with Peter David at Connecticut’s TerrificCon Comic-Con about Young Justice Season 3.

Peter David told the fan that Young Justice was in fact cancelled due to poor toy sales, and echoed Weiseman statement’s that Young Justice wasn’t cancelled because of poor quality or the lack of an audience.

Weisman previously said to keep watching Young Justice in order to get the series green lit by Netflix. Peter David says more of the same in that after seeing the large increase of views for Young Justice Season 1 and 2, Netflix approached him for a Young Justice Season 3 not long ago. Peter David also said he is hoping for more seasons of Young Justice.

Netflix has yet to announce or confirm Young Justice Season 3, with the fan noting Peter David did not mention if there will be a confirmation or go into specifics.

As noted, with affirmation that Netflix is definitely watching the numbers and also coupled with the fact Peter David has been approached, Young Justice Season 3 looks to be in the works or at the very least being talked about; so it’s probably a good idea to keep watching the series on Netflix.

In addition to Young Justice, Peter David is known for writing Marvel and DC comics as well as episodes of Ben 10, numerous novels and more.

Young Justice aired for two seasons on Cartoon Network from 2010 to 2013.

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