Nerdist Ruins Pacific Rim For All Time

Nerdist Ruins Pacific Rim For All Time

The new Pacific Rim Uprising movie opens this week, and for some reason, Nerdist went and ruined everything for all time.

I’m actually not sure if this is supposed to be a parody video or if it’s actually something approved and released in conjunction with the studios, but it’s quite frankly–f’n awful!

The video features the Jaeger robots dancing with hip hop music playing, and it currently has more dislikes than likes on YouTube.

The description of the video states: “Welcome to The Drift in the latest Nerdist Presents! Two eager Jaeger Pilots show off the newest in piloting technology to an enthusiastic crowd of PPDC Officials and Investors. The star of the show however, is the Mark-6 Jaeger known as Gipsy Avenger who mimics every pop, lock and glide the pilots perform.”

Yep! You read that right! Gipsy Avenger mimics every pop, lock and glide move the pilots perform!

More goofy dancing in science-fiction! So cringe-inducing!

I’m flabbergasted. Good luck with this!

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