Moon Knight Season 2: No News Says Costume Designer

The director and Oscar Isaac previously teased a second season but there hasn't been any word in a while.

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Despite the director and Oscar Isaac seemingly teasing a second season, the costume designer doesn’t know anything about Moon Knight Season 2.

The series premiere on Disney+ over two years ago and filmed prior to that, so if Moon Knight Season 2 does happen, it will be years later.

TV shows are typically released every year – not years apart – but it is known Marvel Studios has retooled its TV division following the big failure of Secret Invasion.

Part of that retooling includes the Daredevil: Born Again series and there is also Wonder Man and Ironheart said to be in the pipeline, but after that, no new MCU shows for Disney+ have been announced.

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What did the costume designer say?

Disney and Marvel are releasing Moon Knight Season 1 on Blu-Ray where it’s titled “The First Season,” which has led some fans to think a Season 2 is happening.

However, costume designer Meghan Kasperlik told Screen Rant she hasn’t heard zip.

“No, people have been asking me and maybe that’s why, because of ‘The Complete First Season’ of the Blu-Ray, but no, I’ve heard nothing. I’ve heard nothing about it,” she said.

When asked if she would like to adapt different looks from the comics in a potential Season 2, she also said she hasn’t heard anything.

“I think it all depends on what the story would be,” said Kasperlik. “Because so many times when shows say that they’re only doing one season or whatnot, then they come back, something about the story changes so much or a new character is incorporated that is not maybe necessarily thought of. Listen, if they do a season 2, I am on board. I loved it so much, but I haven’t gotten any phone calls.

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What did the director and Oscar Isaac tease?

In a video on TikTok with director Mohamed Diab’s daughter, Diab and Isaac were asked, “The question on everyone’s mind, is there a Season 2?” 

Oscar Isaac replied, “What else would we be doing in Cairo?”

Rumors have also said Moon Knight Season 2 is happening but the same rumor also said She-Hulk is getting a Season 2 which doesn’t seem to be happening based on recent comments made by Tatiana Maslany who said Disney said no thanks to Season 2 because they blew their budget with Season 1.

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