Best Hope For Moon Knight Is Avengers 5

Season 2 not happening anytime soon as Oscar Isaac has been cast in another movie which films later this year.

moon knight season 2 not happening anytime soon

Just as I said, if Moon Knight Season 2 is going to happen, it will be years away, and now it’s learned Oscar Isaac has signed on for a new movie that will film later this year, so those rumors about Avengers 5 look to be the character’s last best hope for an MCU return.

While Oscar Isaac and Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab had some fun on social media seemingly teasing Season 2, nothing has been announced by Marvel and Disney — actually quite the opposite.

oscar isaac moon knight

Due to the downtrend of Marvel, Disney CEO Bob Iger has on more than one occasion actually said Disney is pulling back on Marvel.

It’s known Marvel spent an exorbitant amount of money on their MCU Disney+ shows, but unfortunately, they didn’t perform the best on Disney+ with only Loki getting a Season 2, the most-watched of the shows.

Tatiana Maslany even admitted that Disney told them “no thanks” and passed on Season 2 because they blew the budget on She-Hulk, so it seems as if part of the Disney pullback is MCU shows on Disney+.


Nothing new from Marvel has been announced for Disney+ as only in the works is Daredevil: Born Again, and the two shows already completed, Ironheart and Wonder Man, which let’s be honest, have about the same amount of excitement surrounding them as Ms. Marvel.

Regarding Oscar Isaac, the trades report the actor has signed on to do a new movie with Kristen Stewart, a vampire thriller titled Flesh of the Gods from director Panos Cosmatos (Mandy).


Deadline says, “the film is set to shoot later this year,” and also adds that Oscar Isaac has been filming Guillermo del Toro’s new Frankenstein movie, so filming on Flesh of the Gods will follow that.

The Moon Knight costume designer recently said in an interview that she hasn’t heard a thing about Season 2 as well.

A new rumor does offer Moon Knight will be a part of Avengers 5, so maybe that’s where will see Oscar Isaac next in the MCU, and who knows, maybe Season 2 will spin off from that, but again, if it happens, it will be years later.

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