‘Moon Knight’ Final Episode Review: Marvel Comes Through

The sixth episode 'Gods and Monsters' airs on the Disney Plus streaming service which should make fans happy with its conclusion.

The sixth episode 'Gods and Monsters' airs on the Disney Plus streaming service which should make fans happy with its conclusion.


The Moon Knight final episode is released on the Disney Plus streaming service, and I have to say that Marvel comes through for the fans.

Note: Spoilers follow.

While a few more episodes would have been nice, the final episode wraps things up sufficiently while also leaving us thirsting for more, and let’s hope Feige announces Moon Knight Season 2 pronto because there is a lot more story to be told, and I can’t wait to see it.

Once again Oscar Isaac is great in his transitions from Steven to Marc and vice versa, though I would have liked just a bit less from Steven as the character comes off too goofy, but that is the MCU and its fans for you. Feige also described the show as brutal, which I suppose is true for the goofy MCU, but I would have liked to see the show more serious such as in line with Marvel’s Daredevil or Punisher, but again, this is Disney Plus we are talking about here, so it can’t go too mature and, you know what, I am okay with it, and I felt they got around all the real brutal and mature stuff well by leaving those parts up to our imaginations.

Layla Moon Knight Wonder Woman May Calamawy

Layla is a new original character for Moon Knight

I have to give a tip of the hat to Feige and his woke producer Victoria Alonso for not replacing Moon Knight with a female version, which I guarantee they were considering, but instead, they went in the right direction and created a brand new character and hero. That’s how it is done. I felt May Calamawy was terrific in the role of Layla and boy did they give her a great showing in the final episode. Her transition back and forth from Layla to Taweret the Hippo god was also outstanding and well done. I love how it is basically Wonder Woman (Layla even did the “X” thing while wearing the “Golden Armor”) as recall the episode’s director, Mohamed Diab, said Wonder Woman 1984 is a disgrace for how it presents Egypt. So what did Mohamed Diab go out and do? He created his own version of Wonder Woman, a better version of Wonder Woman, an Egyptian Superhero. I loved it. I’m liking this Mohamed Diab cat more and more.

Ethan Hawke. Wow. I love this guy as an actor, and I thought he played Arthur Harrow, the leader of a cult, to the T. I think I said in a previous review that I hope Ethan Hawke and Harrow stick around the MCU because he makes such a great villain, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case. LOL. Speaking of, how about that post-credit scene? Various episodes hinted at a third personality if you were paying close attention, and that third personality is Jake, who in the comics manifests during Marc’s teen years. We see the Jake personality is the ultimate badass and apparently becomes the sole possessor of Moon Knight. The post-credit scene also gives us big references to the comics and all three of Marc’s personalities: Marc the billionaire by reference to the car and the license plate; Khonshu wearing the Mr. Knight suit; Jake the “taxi” driver, and the name of the hospital happens to be named after Moon Knight comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz. What’s interesting is that Steven and Marc can now share memories and info and such, but Jake is still separate and keeps everything to himself, while at the same time likely aware of the other two. That makes for some cool dynamics, which again, hopefully, plays out in Season 2.

I also liked the Egyptian Gods and the plot surrounding them as rarely is there anything about them in mainstream geek culture (that I can think of off the top of my head). It’s normally the Norse, Greek, and Roman Gods, so it was refreshing to see the Egyptian Gods where you could argue they came first and inspired the former. I’d like to see Khonshu’s reaction to meeting Thor, LOL. It was also cool to see that Khonshu wasn’t exactly a good guy as he now controls the Jake personality and is all about vengeance. 

Moon Knight is a great Marvel series as it offers something new, it doesn’t insult or tick off fans or replace characters, and it leaves you wanting for more. Make mine Moon Knight!

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