Mike Colter Said To Be Cast As Luke Cage



Yesterday saw news that Krysten Ritter will play Jessica Jones in the Marvel Netflix series of the same name.

Buried in the report was mention that Mike Colter has likely been cast as Luke Cage.

Colter’s name was previously rumored for the role, and it was also said that Luke Cage would be first appearing in the Jessica Jones series for about six or seven episodes before his own show.

Mike Colter had roles in The Good Wife, American Horror Story, Men In Black 3, Million Dollar Baby and is playing Jameson Locke in the Halo: Nightfall series.

A friend of mine actually went to school with Mike and is pretty excited about the news, feeling Mike is perfect for the role.

In addition to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Marvel is developing Daredevil and Iron Fist series, with DD premiering on Netflix next year.