MCU Rumors Include Dark Avengers and Norman Osborn


Following the release of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, a batch of MCU rumors has hit the net related to Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers.

Back in October first saw it rumored that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige had a script written for a Dark Avengers movie featuring Norman Osborn, and now further potential details about the Spidey villain are made known.

Norman Osborn and Dark Avengers Marvel

According to The Hashtag Show, Norman Osborn was definitely a part of Sony’s Silver and Black script; however, the script is currently being rewritten as Silver and Black has since been split into two solo movies for Silver Sable and Black Cat, with reason thought to be because of Feige and Marvel Studios desire to use Norman Osborn in a Dark Avengers movie, or at the least, a part of numerous MCU films.

It’s further claimed that the Silver and Black script also featured Chameleon, but the character may have been written out as well, and that Chameleon may be appearing in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Interestingly enough, some fans think Oscorps appears in the Far From Home trailer. It’s also said a rumor is going around that Kevin Feige asked Amy Pascal to keep certain characters out of their Sony scripts so they can be used in the MCU.

The site also claims that Tom Holland has fulfilled his Marvel Studios contract with the releases of The Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. While it has been reported Spider-Man is supposed to return to Sony (meaning Sony would handle everything to do with future Spider-Man movies and he wouldn’t be in the MCU), the site claims they are confident Sony and Marvel will make another deal, which again fits with previous reports that say Sony wants to connect their characters further to Spider-Man, the MCU and even the Avengers.

It’s noted a third Spidey solo film could still be in the MCU, but it wasn’t a part of Holland and Sony’s previous contract with Marvel Studios. If a new deal is made, it will be the same as before, where Sony retains the film rights, Disney pays Sony a licensing fee, and Disney retains the merchandise rights.