Matthew Broderick Cast In The American Side: Filming In Buffalo, NY



Hot off his recent return to the Ferris Bueller Honda commercial for Super Bowl XLVI, Matthew Broderick has been cast in the Indie film, The American Side.

The movie is currently seeking funding, with over half of the $2.5 million budget collected so far, and director Jenna Ricker hopes to see filming begin this Fall in Buffalo, NY.

“When I first visited, my eyes were bugging out of my head because I couldn’t believe more filmmakers weren’t using this town,” Ricker said, reports the BizJournal.

The American Side is described as a mystery/thriller with a film noir feel, and also has Janeane Garofalo attached.

Garofalo is listed as a Detective, with Matthew Broderick taking on the role of a professor.

The American Side was co-wrote by Ricker, known for her work on Ben’s Plan and The Overlookers, with Greg Stuhr of Eden, NY. 

Ricker also notes they are seeking local Buffalo residents to partake in The American Side as well.

“Aside from patronage of local restaurants and hotels, we’re committed to be use as much local cast, crew and talent as we can, to the point that if we have an original score, I would love to be able to have the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra orchestrate it,” she said.

Buffalo, NY, the hometown of Cosmic Book News, has seen a recent upswing of Indie filmmaking. Currently in production is the epic alien sci-fi movie, Ombis, from local production company DefTone Pictures Studios, as well as the upcoming Call of Duty: Undead movie, from Hot Iron Production, with all proceeds to benefit Veterans Hospital.