Marvel’s Tenoch Huerta Accused Of Sexual Assault

More Marvel problems for Kevin Feige.

More Marvel problems for Kevin Feige.

Marvel's Tenoch Huerta Accused Of Sexual Assault

It is being reported that Tenoch Huerta, recently known for playing Marvel’s Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, is being accused of sexual assault and being a sexual predator.

Update #3: Tenoch Huerta has responded to the allegations on Instagram Story and says they are “false and completely unsubstantiated.”

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Update #2: Elena Rios posted another tweet responding to why she hasn’t reported the alleged incident until now.

“Why am I late in talking about it? Because I have a process. Why didn’t I report? Because I was afraid that this would happen: people who refuse to believe that a SUPER HERO is an abuser, manipulator and sexual predator. Yes, you @TenochHuerta abuse because you know you have power,” tweeted María Elena Ríos.

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Update: The alleged victim added in another tweet: “It is very difficult to talk about the emotional abuse and abuse of power of a sexual predator who is loved in the world for playing a character in a movie like @TenochHuerta Charming in appearance, the great hallmark of a narcissist + a good helping of victimization.”

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Original article continues:

The report comes from an article at Reforma which says (translated), “María Elena Ríos accuses Tenoch Huerta of being a sexual predator.”

A caption on an image from the Associated Press of the actor also adds, “María Elena Ríos distanced herself from the Poder Prieto collective and said on social networks that Tenoch Huerta is a sexual predator.”

The article also starts off by stating, “Saxophonist María Elena Ríos distanced herself from the Poder Prieto collective and accused actor Tenoch Huerta of being a sexual predator.”

A tweet from María Elena Ríos also states (translated), “I made it very clear to them upon my departure from their cult that protects the rapist and sexual PREDATOR of @TenochHuerta not to publish anything about me. They still went looking for me at a concert to avoid scandals for their @MarvelLATAM movie. @MarvelLATAM. I’m not playing around @LaMZapata.”

When another Twitter user remarked, “Omg Tenoch sexually assaulted you or what is going on???”

Ríos replied, “That’s how it is already several more.”

Another Twitter user remarked, “Question Why violator and sexual predator Tenoch? The accusation is very strong and heavy, isn’t it?”

Ríos replied, “Because it is, why else.”

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Apparently, María Elena Ríos appeared on a podcast and may have made the accusations against Tenoch Huerta and then got into an argument with the podcasters about a payment which is how things led to Twitter.

Rios also tweeted she didn’t “want or need the payment” for appearing on the podcast.

María Elena Ríos also appears to be a feminist activist and tweeted, “They provoke me, I answer them and they block me. They talk about cancellation and the first thing they do when they can’t stand the truth is evade.”

Ríos also replied to someone accusing her of having a political agenda.

“I don’t know your name @Respondona4ever but no, I don’t have a political agenda, I REPRESENT MYSELF. The Band of @MalditaVecindad invited me to play, I did not make a contract with anyone from the government. The audience that knows me, knows that in my concerts I make social complaints +,” she tweeted.

She also tweeted to another user, “If the party @PartidoMorenaMx causes you conflict, then go with them because I am not anyone’s messenger. In my profile I issue points of view towards all colors when I consider it necessary. Fanaticisms do not go with me. Greetings.”

Back in February, NBC also reported how the former boyfriend of María Elena Ríos – an influential politician – hired men who splashed acid onto her face and body, disfiguring her, and that now Ríos has joined a movement for greater punishments for acid attacks. The movement, and bill in Mexico named after Ríos, would “classify acid attacks as a distinct, serious crime equivalent to attempted femicide.” Acid attacks are said to be “most common in South Asia but also have been documented in many other parts of the world, including Latin America.”

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The accusations against Tenoch Huerta follow the recent accusations against Jonathan Majors who stars as Marvel’s Kang The Conqueror.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated when more is available.

(source: Reforma, Twitter)

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