Marvel’s Nightcrawler Retcon: Now Has Two Moms

Marvel Comics retcons the origins of Kurt Wagner to give him two moms with Mystique and Destiny.

Marvel Comics retcons the origins of Kurt Wagner to give him two moms with Mystique and Destiny.

Marvel's Nightcrawler Now Has Two Moms

A big congratulations is in order as Marvel has retconned Nightcrawler, as Kurt Wagner now has two moms in the comics.

Yep, Marvel has retconned the origins of Nightcrawler to give the character two mothers.

Originally, the comics revealed that Nightcrawler’s parents were the mutant Mystique and the demon-looking mutant, Azazel.

Typically, children look like their mother and father, so Nightcrawler has the colors of his mother and (what was thought) the features of his father, again looking like a demon.

The kicker in the story is that Nightcrawler happens to be a devout Catholic, but his father is a “demon,” leading to an obvious tug-of-war between his conscience.

nightcrawler two moms

Mystique and Destiny are Nightcrawler’s parents

However, now Marvel Comics has retconned things to give Nightcrawler two mothers with Mystique and Destiny, which I guess now leads Nightcrawler into questioning the Church’s LGQBT stance as he wrestles with his conscience in that way.

The new comics reveal that somehow Mystique can not only shapeshift but she can do so at a sub-cellular level where she made herself into a man and has sperm.

The dude-Mystique then impregnates Destiny and out comes Nightcrawler (did Destiny know Mystique was pretending to be a man otherwise that sounds like rape).

We can also add that since Mystique can shapeshift at a sub-cellular level, how come she doesn’t just shapeshift into anyone, mutant or superpowered individual, and copy their powers?

nightcrawler birth

Nightcrawler originally had two moms?

I haven’t read the issue but Destiny is shown wearing clothes and bending over, with fans (joking?) that Nightcrawler as a baby first teleported out of her behind. See above.

It’s also said that legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont originally wanted Nightcrawler to have two moms but the Comics Authority Code shot that down and that Marvel didn’t like the idea. Redditors went over the history almost a year ago.

Worth a mention is that Marvel Comics has been the breeding ground for Kevin Feige’s MCU, so something similar could be coming to the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s already been claimed fans won’t be happy.

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