Marvel Zombies Next For ‘What If?’


This Wednesday sees the release of the highly anticipated Marvel Zombies episode of the What If…? animated series that is currently airing on Disney Plus.

Marvel has released two posters for the fifth episode, a Marvel Zombie Captain America poster, and a Marvel Zombie Hawkeye poster. See below.

Per the norm with the series, the show takes a “What If?” approach with the MCU and doesn’t follow the comics, as Marvel Comics first released the Marvel Zombies comic book back in 2005 from writer Robert Kirkman who would go on to do The Walking Dead

The Marvel Zombies comics are described by Marvel Comics as:

Earth is overrun with an apocalyptic plague. The infected wander the streets in undead hordes, feeding on live flesh while spreading their infection. Welcome to the dystopian world of Marvel Zombies, a dismal reality where Earth’s heroes undergo an undead transformation. Our zombiefied hits collected here, all for your spine-tingling pleasure!

And if you want to catch up on the comics, recommends the following:

  • ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR (2003) #21 –  first appearance
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES: DEAD DAYS (2007) #1 –  The origin 
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES (2005) #1 – Magneto stands alone against the freshly-undead Avengers. 
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES 2 (2007) #1 –  Cosmic Zombies
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 (2008) #1 – Michael Morbius leads the initiative
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES 4 (2009) #1 – Marvel’s zombies face the Legion of Monsters
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES 5 (2010) #1 – Western meets ghoulish horror
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES HALLOWEEN (2012) #1 –  The emergence of Mephisto 
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES DESTROY! (2011) #1 –  Undead Nazis reign supreme
  • MARVEL ZOMBIES SUPREME (2010) #1 – Earth-S’ heroes get an undead makeover
  • IN NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADPOOL (2014) #1 – Deadpool awakens to a Zombie Apocalypse

The Marvel Zombies also happen to be rumored for the live-action MCU!

What If…? airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus.

Marvel Zombies What If…? posters:

Marvel Zombies What If Captain America Poster

Marvel Zombies What If Hawkeye Poster