Marvel Surprised At Spider-Man Rumors



This past week saw new Spider-Man rumors hit the net stating that Spider-Man in The Avengers: Infinity War – Part One was a done deal.

Following that, Sony quickly responded stating it wasn’t true.

Now some of the Hollywood trade reporters have gathered together on a podcast with some updated news.

Marc Graser of Variety, who broke the Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America 3 story, stated he talked with Marvel about the Infinity War rumor. 

According to Graser, Marvel was surprised by the rumor and was “wondering why it popped up again” and “had no clue why.”

Graser also speculated about Spider-Man returning to Marvel where Graser said it will involve a lot of money.

Graser said it’s up to producer and the former head of Marvel Studios, Avi Arad, for Spider-Man to be featured in Disney movies as Arad controls Spider-Man at Sony. 

Graser also pointed out that Spider-Man is really the only thing Arad has going on right now.

Another point was made that Disney is already making a lot of money from Spider-Man as they own the merchandising rights to the Spider-Man movies, so it’s not like they really need Spider-Man in their films.

“They would love Spider-Man to be in one of their movies, and it would just boost sales,” Graser said. “But they don’t need it.”

While Graser seemed to be insinuating it’s a long shot that Spider-Man would be back at Marvel, he did state that he wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel is having screenwriters working on scripts with Spider-Man in them just to have things ready if a deal does go through.

Regarding Spider-Man costing a lot of money, Disney did pay billions for Marvel and Star Wars, so it’s not like they haven’t dished it out before.