Marvel Shifting Video Game Strategy Following Ms. Marvel Flop

Recent busts has Marvel rethinking things hopefully setting things right.

Recent busts has Marvel rethinking things hopefully setting things right.

Marvel Reshifting Video Game Strategy Following Ms. Marvel Flop

Following recent busts which include the Ms. Marvel Avengers video game, it is claimed that Marvel is going to shift its strategy when it comes to video games.

Only the Marvel Spider-Man game has seen any success and as pointed out by a fan on Twitter, games such as Marvel’s Avengers, Midnight Suns, and Future Revolution have been big flops.

According to Twitter scooper CanWeGetSomeToast, that is all going to change.

The account replied to the fan, “Marvel is PAINFULLY aware of how their video games division hasn’t been reaching its potential overall. There have been whispers of an internal shift for Marvel to focus on games.”

The scooper claims the new Black Panther and Iron Man (hopefully Wolverine, too!) games will see a big change.

“The new EA Black Panther and Iron Man games will be the start of a push for something BIG,” claims the account.

marvels avengers game

What happened with Marvel’s Avengers?

Recently saw it learned that the Marvel’s Avengers game featuring Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel has been canceled and is being sold at a 90% discount.

The game was a huge fumble on the part of Marvel as the graphics looked pretty bad, there were all kinds of bugs and delays, and the story is wonky which sees the Avengers killed off and replaced by Ms. Marvel who attempts to reform the Avengers.

Ms. Marvel isn’t a popular character and is a character Marvel has been trying to force onto the fans since day one, not only in the video games but also in the comics and the MCU. The Ms. Marvel series is the least-watched MCU show on Disney+.

Hey, Marvel, we don’t like or want Ms. Marvel.

marvels midnight suns

What about Midnight Suns?

I believe the game actually has decent reviews, but the game just didn’t catch on with the fans.

The studio behind the game has admitted Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been a commercial failure.

Perhaps the game being a tactical role-playing game turned fans off or they simply aren’t interested in that type of game.

marvel future revelution

What about Marvel Future Revolution?

What might have sealed the fate of Marvel Future Revolution is that it’s a mobile game, as I think fans want Marvel games similar to Spider-Man or DC’s Batman Arkham series (no-brainer).

What’s interesting is that Marvel Future Revolution is based on Secret Wars from the comics featuring the Multiverse and Multiverse characters, yet it completely bombed.

That is what Feige is currently adapting for the MCU. Yikes.

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