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Marvel Fear Itself Teaser: The American Panther – Seriously?

Marvel Fear Itself Teaser: The American Panther – Seriously?

picCBR got a hold of a new Marvel Comics “Fear Itself” teaser dubbed “The American Panther” with the only info coming from Marvel being, ‘”Fear Itself” will have a ‘”huge impact” on “Black Panther: The Man Without Fear.’

Up until this point, and after reading Fear Itself: Book of the Skull, I was excited for the next Marvel event described as bigger than Civil War – even though we haven’t heard word whether or not any of the Marvel Cosmic characters would be taking part in the event described as bigger than Civil War.


Taking a look at this image just set my expectations for FI back a few notches. “American Panther” – seriously?

Just how many Captain America’s are there now?

Don’t tell me – this isn’t T’Challa? Or is it?

So we have Steve Rogers die with Bucky replacing him, Steve comes back, Bucky is still Captain America, but once the movie hits Steve will be CA – following?

Now, we have Daredevil “die” only to be replaced by a new Man Without Fear (note: not a new DD, though) with that being Black Panther, who apparently will not be The Man Without Fear because DD is getting “reborn” -again- via Mark Waid — following?

So instead of going back to “Black Panther,” let’s jump on the CA: First Avenger bandwagon, in addition to the dozens of other Cap tie-ins (how did the Thor ones do, btw?), and come up with “The American Panther.”

Or maybe this isn’t T’Challa as Bucky will need somewhere to go and sees that “Black Panther” is open and decides on a new moniker.

Anyone else’s head spinning?