Bob Iger Thinks Eternals 2 Is A ‘Guaranteed Flop’

The CEO of Disney sounds like he is butting heads with Kevin Feige over the approach to the MCU.

bob iger eternals 2 guaranteed flop


  • Bob Iger thinks Eternals 2 will be a “guaranteed flop”
  • Iger’s approach to Marvel has shifted to focus to “guaranteed hits”
  • Plans for an Eternals sequel have been shelved due to the failure of recent Marvel projects

I think I am starting to like Bob Iger more and more, as it’s claimed that the Disney CEO thinks Eternals will be a “guaranteed flop.”

Eternals is one of the worst performing MCU movies at the box office and by my calculations, the least-watched MCU movie on the Disney+ streaming service.

We know Bob Iger has the official numbers, so if he thinks a sequel will flop, he’s probably right, as Kevin Feige’s Phase 4 was a massive flop, as has been a majority of Feige’s Phase 5.

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What is said about Eternals 2?

It’s known that Iger is pulling back on Marvel, so regarding Eternals 2, the info comes via scooper Daniel RPK.

The scooper claims that Bog Iger is now taking a quality over quantity approach, which means Eternals 2 is out the door.

According to the rumor, Kevin Feige wants to move forward with the sequel, but Iger is stating no, as Iger thinks Eternals will be a “guaranteed flop,” and from that we can take Iger to mean a colossal waste of money.

It’s said Iger’s alternative approach to Marvel has come about after the failure of both Quantumania and The Marvels, so the planned Eternals sequel is getting shelved.

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Disney wants Marvel to focus on “guaranteed hits”

We can add that Feige spent a boat load on the Marvel shows on Disney+ which did nothing for the subscription service. It’s known Disney passed on She-Hulk Season 2 because Season 1 was so expensive. What that really means is no one watched Season 1 to warrant a second season at the same expense.

The scooper says that Disney wants Marvel to focus on “guaranteed hits,” so likely out the door are sequels for all the recent flops which could also include a fourth Ant-Man movie, and a Captain Marvel 3 is already said to be not happening.

Eternals was released November 3, 2021 and only made $402 million at the box office. It’s rumored the unfinished frozen Celestial storyline will be a part of Captain America 4.

John Ridley was actually developing an Eternals TV series back in the day said to be a lot better than the movie, but Feige canceled it.

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