Marvel Cosmic Tanking Fast


marvel cosmic sales tank 1

Here’s an update on the sales for Marvel Cosmic, which hasn’t been the same since Abnett and Lanning were on the books.

Back when DnA were at the helm, Marve Cosmic sales were “rock solid” — per the words of the former editor on the book, Bill Rosemann.

Now save Abnett’s Guardians of Infinity and Starlin’s Adam Warlock/Thanos stuff, all the Marvel “Cosmic” comics put out by Marvel have more or less become parodies of their former glory.

It’s obvious fans haven’t been happy with Marvel Cosmic for a while as sales continue to nose dive. I’m guessing a lot of the Marvel Cosmic readers aren’t even around much any more.

The bold titles below are more or less the titles that have replaced the Annihilation-era of Marvel Cosmic, with just about all of them approaching the cancellation threshold number (some are already below it; used to be 25-30K back when Quesada was in charge). I’ve included a few other titles that are sort of relevant to the genre as well.

February numbers:

Mighty Thor #4 (56,568): not a bad drop from January’s 60,345.

All New All Different Avengers #5 (51, 740): dropped almost 6000.

All New All Different Avengers #6 (48,022): make that 9000 from issue #4.

Doctor Strange #5 (47,933); drop of around 5000.

Bendis’ Guardians of Galaxy (40,581): drop of 6000. I’m guessing Bendis took a pay cut to stay on this book as it’s under 50K. Normally whenever a book Bendis is on drops below that number (ditto with Loeb), he gets replaced.

Totally Awesome Hulk #3 (35,709): drop of around 4000.

A-Force #2 (35,571): drop of 30,000.

Uncanny Inhumans #5 (35, 145): holding steady.

Ms. Marvel #4 (30,916): drop of about 2000.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #2 (29,180): Drop of 30,000.

Captain Marvel #2 (28,962): drop of 24,000.

Ultimates #4 (27, 177): drop of around 3000 – hearing good things about Ewing’s work on this; have yet to try it.

Karnak #2 (26,796): drop of 37,000 from October’s #1.

Silver Surfer #2 (25,099): drop of 32,000.

Squadron Supreme #4 (24,182): plus 1000.

All New Inhumans #4 (22,334): drop of 3000.

Guardians of Infinity #3 (22,309): drop of almost 5000.

Venom Space Knight #4 (21,545): drop of around 4000.

Howard The Duck #4 (20,965): drop of 8000.

Star-Lord #4 (19,117): drop of 3,500.

Angela Queen of Hel #5 (15,968): drop of 3000.

NINO Nova # 4 (18,187): drop of over 5000. Consistent poor seller for Marvel; consistently sells less than the Richard Rider Nova. Why NINO is still around is anybody’s guess.

Drax #4 (14,620): drop of 4,200.

Hercules #4 (13, 767): drop of around 2,600.

(numbers via comichron)