Marvel Comics Teaser: Beware My Sting



Following Tuesday’s “Dead No More” teaser, Marvel Comics has released a “Beware My Sting” teaser image.

It was initially thought the teasers might have something to do with Secret Wars #9; however, the issue has since been released where it appears the teaser images have nothing to do with the issue.

The next guess is Wolverine, as the “Dead No More” font seems to match the font for Wolverine, but “Beware My Sting” doesn’t seem to hint at the berserker raging mutie.

Now it’s assumed the two teasers may be related to Eric O’Grady, Ant-Man, who died in the pages of Secret Avengers back in 2012. Wasp is also featured in All-New Wolverine #5, which might play into things.

(via CBR)