Mark Strong Was Excited To Play Sinestro In Green Lantern 2


mark strong was excited green lantern 2

This is our second time in a couple of weeks that we hear comments from Mark Strong about Green Lantern 2.

The actor played Sinestro of the Green Lantern Corps in the first movie, which by all accounts was a flop at the box office.

However, as we saw with the post-credit scene, Sinestro had become one with the Yellow Ring, the leader of the Sinestro Corps.

Previously Mark Strong said that scene was more of a teaser for what’s to come, and he also said he thought Green Lantern 2 would be a surprise.

Now in an interview with Metro, Mark Strong talks about Green Lantern 2 again and mentions he really was looking forward to playing Sinestro.

Were you disappointed Green Lantern didn’t get a sequel?

It set you up as the villain in future installments… I was really looking forward to Sinestro harnessing the power of fear and putting on the yellow suit, I was well up for it – but these things are dictated by economics and they felt it didn’t make enough money. I’ve become realistic. You come out of drama school and do theater and are interested in creative endeavor, then you drift into TV and movies and realize that artistic endeavor needs to balance with financial success. There’s no point spending millions on a movie that doesn’t make any money because the people producing it won’t make another one.

If we read into what Mark Strong is saying, more than likely he is talking about another space-based flop, John Carter, as well.

Currently, it is unknown which direction Warner Bros. will be taking Green Lantern as they may reboot the character if the Justice League movie gets made or quite possibly stay with Ryan Reynolds.

Recent news includes JMS discussing his thoughts on how the Green Lantern movie should have went, and we also have a batch of Green Lantern 2 script details up and cool Green Lantern 2 storyboards suggesting a huge battle with the Green Lantern Corps.