Manu Bennett Gets Arrested In San Antonio For A Fight




While in San Antonio for the Alamo City Comic Con, Manu Bennett appears to have been involved in a physical altercation with somebody as the actor was arrested Sunday morning. reports Manu Bennett was arrested by San Antonio police who charged Benett with assault causing bodily injury, a misdemeanor, with it said Bennett was being held on a $1,600 bond.

San Antonio’s KENS 5 reports Bennett was feed at 1pm, and that the altercation took place at the Grand Hyatt hotel downtown.

No specific details are known including with whom Bennett got into the altercation with.

Manu Bennett is known for playing Deathstroke on Arrow and has Shannara premiering soon on MTV. 

Update: The Villains Of Arrow panel at the Alamo City Comic-Con has been cancelled.

Update #2: It’s being reported that Manu Bennett allegedly punched a 29-year-old man in the face at a party early Sunday morning at 4:30am.

Update #3: Manu Bennett is reported to have been asked to leave a party after “causing a scene” and allegedly drinking too much, which saw the actor leave and come upon Craig Brown, 29, at the door. According to reports, Bennett stopped and stared at Brown who, confused, asked “What?” Then Bennett allegedly punched the man, knocking him to the ground and dislocating his nose. Later, when the cops found Bennett at his hotel room, Bennett claimed not to remember what happened, although he did state he was “defending himself.” Brown is also said to have wanted to press charges.