Man Of Steel 2 Said To Be On Permanent Hold



A recent rumor stated that George Miller will be directing Man of Steel 2.

Jon Schnepp, who recently released the The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened? documentary, dropped the news.

Now, however, the info is being contradicted as Den Of Geek is stating a source has filed them in that while it’s true George Miller is in talks with WB for a DC movie, it might not be for the Man of Steel sequel as Man of Steel 2 is on “permanent hold.” It’s said what Miller directs depends on what interests him.

Den Of Geek recently reported on the three picture Batman deal with Ben Affleck as well as the early Batman Vs. Superman screening for Warner Bros. executives.

Regarding Man of Steel 2 being on hold, there may be some validity to it as I was told a while back, WB wanted Man of Steel to hit a billion dollars at the box office and were disappointed with its $668 million gross. When it didn’t do as well as they wanted, they chose to go with Batman Vs. Superman instead of another Superman movie.

There is evidence of this as following the debut of Man of Steel, there was talk of a sequel being green lit, and in lots of interviews, Zack Snyder, David Goyer and Henry Cavill were all pushing for more Superman prior to Justice League, as well as stating Superman was their first costumed super hero and go-to guy.

Obviously things changed with the addition of Ben Affleck and Batman to the scene. From what I’ve been told, Goyer wrote a Man of Steel sequel script/treatment that was more or less combined with a standalone Batman script, which ended up becoming Batman Vs. Superman. When Affleck was brought on board, his Argo writer came with him, Chris Terrio, and did further rewrites.

Around the same time also saw Jeff Robinov forced out of WB, with Kevin Tsujihara taking over as WB CEO.

I actually recapped a lot of this in an article about the Batman Vs. Superman rumors from almost two years ago.

Regarding another Superman movie, when the Justice League slate of DC movies was announced, there was also mention of doing further Superman movies. More than likely if Batman vs. Superman is a smashing success (i.e. billion dollars), there will probably be another standalone Superman flick down the road.

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