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Batman Vs. Superman News & Rumors Recap Part 1

Matt McGloin Posted: 09/18/2013 - 10:11 COMMENT


With Ben Affleck publicly commenting on the Batman Vs. Superman movie recently, I think now is a good time to go over all the news and rumors surrounding the movie to date. Later on I'll cover the news and rumors from this point forward in a part 2 of the article.

I've kept a majority of the stuff focused primarily on "Batman Vs. Superman." Feel free to leave a comment if anything major might be missing from the following timeline.

So without further ado...

"And here we go."

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Early Reports:

• 2011 sees rumor of a Batman/Superman movie with two possibilities: One with veteran Batman taking Superman under his wing; one with younger Batman with Superman taking him under his wing

August of 2012 had Ben Affleck named to be directing Justice League; Hollywood trade sites called it BS

December of 2012 sees Ben Affleck state he is excited for Justice League and would do another superhero film


Pre-Man of Steel 2013:

Back in February of 2013 it is rumored that David Goyer will be writing the sequel to Man of Steel.

April of 2013 sees Zack Snyder say he's not exhausted at all with Superman and wants more.

April 11th: Our DC Entertainment source says Ben Affleck is on the Justice League movie short list to direct and is the studio's top choice.

May 31st: Zack Snyder thinks you need more Superman before Justice League.

June 1st: Hans Zimmer says "here we go again" when asked about working with Zack Snyder and more Superman movies.

June 10th: A week before Man of Steel opens, it's reported the sequel is green lit and fast-tracked with Zack Snyder attached; David Goyer signed a 3-picture deal which also includes Justice League; Christopher Nolan still involved, as well.

June 10th: Zack Snyder wants Superman to be at the top and at the helm of Justice League.

June 13th: Mention is made of a Batman vs. Superman movie. It's reported that if Man of Steel does well enough at the box office, Warner Bros. can do Justice League including Superman, Superman vs. Batman and another Superman. It's also said it opens up at least three different fronts of potential sequels. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are mentioned, with two Man of Steel films before Justice League.


Man of Steel Opens

June 14th: Man of Steel opens with $125 million opening and almost $200 million worldwide.


Post-Man of Steel

June 16th: It's reported by the Wall Street Journal that Warner Bros. is already developing a Man of Steel sequel with a 2014 release with Justice League in 2015.

June 21st: Jeff Robinov, head of WB movies, is forced out.

June 25th: Warner Bros. and Thomas Tull / Legendary part ways (Legendary co-financed Batman movies and Man of Steel).

June 23rd: Our DC Entertainment source fills us in that Mark Strong is wanted as Lex Luthor.

June 25th: Henry Cavill wants more Superman and build up of the other characters before Justice League.

June 27th: Zack Snyder says the Man of Steel sequel will deal with all the destruction that took place in the first movie. Also says he wanted to expand the DC Universe by using all the Easter Eggs in Man of Steel, and make sure those characters existing in Superman's world is a possibility.

June 30th: Man of Steel flies past $500 million at the box office.

July 1st: Christian Bale says he looks forward to passing the torch.

July 8th: Russell Crowe states he wouldn't mind a Krypton prequel movie.

July 10th: Arrow star Stephen Amell wants to be in Justice League.

June 13th: David Goyer says Superman is the first costumed hero, but that doesn't mean there haven't been others helping people, just not in costume.

July 15th: Man of Steel at $619 million worldwide.

July 19th Comic-Con: News hits before Warner Bros. officially announces Batman Vs. Superman that the Batman reboot and Justice League are slated for 2015. It's noted no Man of Steel 2 is listed.

July 20th Comic-Con: The afternoon before the big announcement, numerous Hollywood trade sites report Batman Vs. Superman with Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill and Christopher Nolan is confirmed. It's also said a movie for The Flash is in the works for 2016 and Justice League in 2017.


Batman Vs. Superman Announced

July 20th Comic-Con: Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder reveal the Batman Vs. Superman logo at Comic-Con. Warner Bros. releases a press release that states Snyder, Goyer, Nolan, Cavill with Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne are all on board.

July 21st Comic-Con: David Goyer mentions the title could be Batman Vs. Superman.

July 23rd: Our DC Entertainment source fills us in that Tyler Hoechlin is being eyed for the new Batman; says WB wants to move things along regarding Batman and Superman, and have essentially combined two films into one. We're also told Lex Luthor will be in the film, and it will feature villains (note: in the plural); we are told a lot is being built up to Justice League; a trusted source close to Warner Bros. tells us WB has met with Mattel about merchandising etc.

July 27th: Batman Vs. Superman said to be filming in Toronto.

July 30th: The Flash announced to be coming to CW's Arrow with plans for a spinoff series; The Flash movie said to still be a go.

July 31st: Zack Snyder rumored to be bringing Frank Miller on board as consultant.

August 1st: It's reported that someone apparently spoke to Zack Snyder, who said Snyder has to go along with the direction WB intends (with fans speculating the studio wants Batman in the movie).

August 2nd: Batman rumors begin with mention of an older Batman (note: seemingly contradicting Goyer's June 13th statements and our own younger Batman info): Josh Duhamel, Jude Law, Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin, Jon Hamm, Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Jim Caviezel are mentioned as examples.

August 3rd: Josh Brolin, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Gosling, Richard Armitage, Max Martini, Matthew Goode rumored for Batman.

August 8th: Mark Strong says to watch this space about Lex Luthor (see June 23rd).

August 8th: Bryan Cranston rumored for Lex Luthor.

August 9th: Christian Bale said to be offered $50 million to return as Batman, but turned it down. It eventually comes out a book was apparently misquoted; Scott Adkins is rumored for Batman.

August 10th: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Armie Hammer, Orlando Bloom rumored for Batman.

August 14th: Bryan Cranston says to give him a call about Lex Luthor when questioned about the rumor.

August 17th: Our DC Entertainment source says Wes Bently is Christopher Nolan's choice for Batman (Bently is a part of Nolan's Interstellar); We are told by our DC Entertainment source that Jake Gyllenhaal, Luke Evans, Ben Affleck up for Batman, as well.

August 20th: Batman villains, the League Of Assassins, rumored for Arrow; and confirmed.

August 21st: Katee Sackhoff says she is interested in playing Harley Quinn.

(Ben Affleck in Runner, Runner)

Ben Affleck Cast As Batman

August 22nd: Ben Affleck is named the new Batman.

August 22nd: A source close to Warner Bros. (note: different than our DC Entertainment source) tells Cosmic Book News Ben Affleck has signed a multi-picture dealLex Luthor will be featured in the movie; we are again told a lot is building up to Justice League.

August 23rd: A source close to Warner Bros. tells Cosmic Book News about the casting process and decision regarding going with Ben Affleck as the new Batman; trusted source confirms Tyler Hoechlin received heavy consideration; Affleck made huge postive impression with WB over talks about Justice League Movie.

August 23rd: A source close to WB tells Cosmic Book News Bryan Cranston "HAS" been cast as Lex Luthor with a possible 6-10 picture deal; the big announcement is said to be coming near the series finale of Breaking Bad so WB can continue with the momentum; Affleck said to have signed as high as 13; DC said to be building a more connected universe than Marvel; Damon being looked at with Aquaman or Martian Manhunter mentioned; Mark Strong not chosen as Lex because his past affiliation with Sinestro, and that he could be the character again.

August 23rd: Ben Affleck reportedly hitting the gym hard with 2-hour workouts.

August 23rd: Following our info, a Hollywood trade site reports the reason for bringing Ben Affleck on as Batman is to ease actors' fears about Robinov leaving with new CEO Ken Tsujihara taking over (shows WB suppports their actors); Nolan had a large part in bringing Affleck on; Ben Affleck as Batman lines him up to star and potentially direct Justice League; Affleck signed for multiple movies; Batman Vs. Superman to film February through August of 2014.

August 23rd: Fans launch petitions against Ben Affleck as Batman; including petitioning the White House and Obama.

August 24th: Death threats issued over Ben Affleck as Batman.

August 26th: Every major news organization in the world picks up on Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor.

August 26th: Our DC Entertaiment source says Timothy Dalton is being eye for Alfred.

August 26th: Stephen Amell lets it be known Christopher Nolan approved use of The Flash for Arrow; strongly hints at shared movie / TV universe (see July 23rd and August 22nd "a lot is being built up...").

August 26th: Batman Vs. Superman rumored to film in Michigan.

August 27th: Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor featured on E! News; E! News is unable to confirm or deny the casting; states the news has caused no backlash.

August 27th: Matt Damon won't play Robin.

August 27th: Leaked Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor image from iMDB taken down; authenticity never confirmed.

August 28th: Matt Damon joins Chrisopher Nolan's Interstellar in a small role.

August 29th: Batman Vs. Superman announced to film in Detroit and Michigan.

August 29th: A trusted source close to WB tells Cosmic Book News Mercy Graves will be in Batman Vs. Superman.

August 29th: Justin Timberlake, starring in Runner, Runner with Ben Affleck, mentions he wants to play Riddler.

August 30th: A meteor is rumored with filming said to take place in Morocco.

September 1st: Bryan Cranston says nothing is set.

September 3rd: Hans Zimmer states he has to think about composing Batman Vs. Superman (contradicting June 1st).

September 3rd: Katee Sackhoff mentions wanting Harley Quinn for the second time.

September 4th: Ben Affleck as Batman concept art lands online from an artist who worked with Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight graphic novel.

September 4thBatman girlfriend casting call lands online looking for a tall, attractive and physically strong girl leading to speculation it may be an Amazon (Mercy Graves is an Amazon - see August 29th).

September 6th: Sackhoff says a studio has been checking on her availabilty; everyone online assumes it's for Marvel.

September 7th: Jennifer Garner, wife to Affleck, is excited for her husband and family.

September 7th: Josh Brolin confirms he was up for Batman.

September 8th: Jennifer Garner comments about Ben Affleck as Batman for the second time; states he has a real take on the character.

September 10th: Batman Vs. Superman appears to get Zack Snyder's 300 and Watchmen Cinematographer with Larry Fong.

September 11th: Josh Brolin lets it be known he never talked to anybody about Batman; didn't have a take on Batman; said it was Zack Snyder's idea.

September 11th: Katee Sackhoff denies being in talks with Marvel.

September 12: WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara says Ben Affleck Batman is a seasoned veteran, been around a while, tired and weary (contradicts Goyer's June 13th comments).

September 13th: Grant Gustin cast as Barry Allen and The Flash for Arrow.

September 14th: Justin Bieber teases Robin with Batman Vs. Superman script; unofficially it's reported by numerous outlets it's fake.

September 16th: Michael Jai White cast as Bronze Tiger; a member of the League of Assassins and known in the comics for attempting to kill friend to Batman, Kathy Bates, who also happens to be Batwoman.

September 16th: Hans Zimmer seems reluctant to take on Batman Vs. Superman as he is unsure of doing Batman again (contradicts June 1st).

September 16th: WB CEO Kevin Tsjuihara investors transcript hits the net; talk of 12-14 DC Movies (see August 23rd); lots of announcements coming with DC at the center; mentions "Batman Vs. Superman" leading some to speculate that is the title of the movie.

September 17th: Ben Affleck appears on the Jimmy Fallon Show publicly talking about Batman for the first time.

The sequel to "Man of Steel" goes into production next year for a July 17, 2015 release starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane.

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