‘Madame Web’ Said To Follow Spider-Man ‘Terminator’ Story

Rumors offer the Spidey spinoff film could be a female superhero movie protecting the mother of Peter Parker.

'Madame Web' Said To Follow Spider-Man 'Terminator' Story

Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff Madame Web movie is said to feature a plot and story similar to the first Terminator movie where in that movie the mother of John Connor is targeted by the Arnold Schwarzenegger cyborg from the future to stop the future rebel leader from ever being born.

Regarding the similarities with Madame Web, it’s claimed that the film will have a superhero team protecting Mary Parker, the mother of Spider-Man Peter Parker, as a villain is trying to kill Mary so Peter is never born and never becomes Spider-Man.

A previous rumor has offered that Madame Web isn’t s straight-up solo Madame Web flick, so this new rumor is more in line with that as it suggests the flick could be more of a female superhero team-up movie, as the cast and characters as follows suggest that is the case.

Dakota Johnson Madame Web fan art
Dakota Johnson Madame Web fan art

Madame Web could be a female superhero flick

The cast includes Dakota Johnson playing the titular character, Madame Web; Emma Roberts is playing Mary Parker; Sydney Sweeney is playing Julia Carpenter who in the comics is known for being Spider-Woman, Arachne, and a version of Madame Web; Isabela Merced is playing Anya Corazon who in the comics goes by The Amazing Spider-Girl or Spider-Lady; Celeste O’Connor is playing Mattie Franklin who in the comics could be related to Martha Franklin aka Spider-Woman, and Adam Scott is playing Ben Parker, who appears to be Uncle Ben.

The movie also stars Tahar Rahim, possibly as the villain, who according to the above rumor wants to kill Mary Parker to stop Spider-Man from ever being born, which obviously suggests the character has knowledge of future events (interestingly enough Madame Web is a precog in the comics). 

Set images and video have also shown scenes to be set in NYC in the early 2000s, so everything fits with the notion the movie will be sort of a prequel, set before Peter Parker is born.

Madame Web gets released on October 6, 2023, directed by S.J. Clarkson (Defenders, Jessica Jones) and written by Morbius writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

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