Madame Web Box Office Reaches $100 Million

After 58 days of being open, one of the worst superhero movies in existence finally hits the milestone.

madame web box office 100 million

Congrats to Sony’s Marvel Madame Web movie as it only took two months to reach the magic $100 million number at the box office.

And that’s the worldwide gross.

As of Thursday, April 11, on the 58th day of being open, Madame Web has brought in $100,256,833 for Sony.

The domestic haul is at $43,811,960 with the international gross at $56,444,873.

It’s safe to say Sony has no plans for a sequel.

madame web review sony marvel

One of the worst superhero movies of all time

Madame Web, featuring a female cast made up of Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor is one of the worst-performing superhero movies of all time and also follows the recent failure of Disney and Marvel Studios’ The Marvels, which features a female cast including Brie Larson and Iman Vellani and which suffered the worst drop for a superhero movie of all time.

Madame Web also has a “Rotten” 12% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 57% score from the Audience. It’s IMDB rating is only a 3.8, and its CinemaScore is a dismal C+, awful for a superhero movie.

As I went over in my review, the film is a complete joke and pure garbage.

dakota johnson done comic book movies madame web

Up next is Kraven

Following the movie’s release, both Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney distanced themselves from the film as it’s so bad.

Dakota Johnson said she’s done with comic book movies, and Sydney Sweeney went so far as mocking Madame Web when she hosted Saturday Night Live.

Madame Web also follows Sony’s Morbius movie as part of its Marvel Spider-Man spinoff universe that bombed big time, and up next is Kraven The Hunter starring Aaron-Taylor Johnson which gets released Aug. 30.

It’s films like this that make you wonder if Hollywood has a clue, if they’re completely incompetent, or if they simply don’t care, and how anybody associated with Madame Web didn’t know how much of an utter dumpster fire it was going to be. If it was released on The CW, it would be an insult to The CW.

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