Lindsay Lohan Rumored For Marvel

Said to be in talks for a role as part of her big comeback which also includes Disney's 'Freaky Friday 2.'

lindsay lohan marvel universe rumor


  • Lindsay Lohan rumored to join Marvel universe as a vixen superhero
  • Rumor is unclear if it’s for MCU or Sony’s Spider-Man universe
  • Actress said to have expressed interest in a Marvel role as part of her comeback

A wild rumor offers that Lindsay Lohan is rumored to be joining the Marvel universe as a vixen superhero.

The rumor doesn’t say if it’s the MCU as it could very well also mean the Sony Marvel Spider-Man universe which recently released Madame Web and is completely different than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The rumor makes it sound as if Lindsay Lohan joining Marvel is a part of the 37-year-old actress’ big comeback, which worth a mention is said to include Disney’s Freaky Friday 2 said to film soon in Atlanta. Recently she starred in Mean Girls and those popular Walmart Christmas commercials.

3/29/24 Update: THR now confirms Freaky Friday 2 is happening and will film in the summer.

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What does the rumor say?

The rumor comes via US Magazine:

She’s also expressed interest in joining the Marvel universe — the first source tells Us that she’s in talks to play a vixen superhero — and recently made a cameo in the Mean Girls musical reboot.

marvel comics black cat

Who could Lindsay Lohan be playing in the Marvel Universe?

Regarding playing a vixen superhero, the DC Comics character, Vixen, comes to mind, but obviously, since it’s said to be for Marvel, Lindsay Lohan will be playing a different character.

The description of a “vixen superhero” suggests a female Marvel character who is cunning and agile, and perhaps has a bit of ferocity or independence.

Maybe Sony’s Black Cat?

At one time Sony was developing a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie, and then I think it was going to be a TV series, but neither saw the light of day.

With this rumor, maybe the Silver & Black project is back on? Or I could see her playing a witch in the Agatha MCU series coming to Disney+. Or maybe as a follower of mine on Twitter suggested, Typhoid Mary?

linsday lohan irish wish

Has Irish Wish getting released on Friday

Lindsay Lohan also recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a few days ago and talked about her latest movie which gets released on Friday on Netflix, a comedy, Irish Wish.

“So it’s about a girl named Maddie who’s — it’s about self-discovery. She kind of learns to find her voice. And in the process of this journey that she’s on, she’s in love with her boss, who her best friend is then set out to marry… Something switches… Her wish and something… Yes, be careful what you wish for,” she teased.

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