Leave The World Behind Review: Obama Globalist Garbage

What is the message really being send by the movie?

What is the message really being send by the movie?

Leave The World Behind Review: Obama Globalist Garbage

Currently, the number one movie trending on Netflix is the “apocalyptic thriller” Leave The World Behind which if you didn’t know, is produced by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Yeah, the film is complete garbage.

Barack Obama actually contributed to the film by spending “most of his time drilling down on the character interactions,” which was pretty evident if you watched the movie.

The short of it is, is that the movie is all about racism and that it takes an apocalyptic event to unite people (to fix them). The apocalyptic event signifies a united people in the new world order as the old order (leave the old world behind) is destroyed by the event (think Hillary Clinton’s book “It Takes A Village” – same message).

The flick starts with Julia Roberts – oh wait – before we start, how about his for some f’d up shit: Julia Roberts dated Matthew Perry. He died on her birthday. Leave The World Behind first premiered the week of his death at a film festival, and of course, Friends plays a big factor in the plot. Okay, now you can take off your tinfoil hats…

Okay, so the film starts with Julia Roberts who is miserable as fuck and hates people so she decides to rent a mansion in Long Island for a day to spend with her family.

Ethan Hawke, who is a big bitch (more on that later), says ‘okay, honey’ I’m fine with it.

So they get to the house and everything seems pretty good. They’re swimming, having drinks, etc., but the internet doesn’t work. No big deal, could be the router or something.

Ding dong

It’s late at night and someone is knocking on the door. Oh, no, it’s a black man! It’s black people! They must be here to rob us! They’re dressed in a tux and drive a million-dollar car!

So Julia Roberts who is miserable beyond words is questioning them because they are black.

First of all, Mahershala Ali doesn’t really identify himself right away. He’s like ‘I’m GH.” Okay, dude. Then’s he’s like, “I’m George.” Okay, dude. Then he’s like, “I’m George from the e-mails.” Okay, dude. Why the fuck didn’t you just say, “I’m George. You rented this house from me. There’s been an emergency in the city, so I came here with my daughter.” Instead, they purposely set it up so Julia Roberts’ character is suspicious and of course, comes off as racist. Of course, she is racist, because she can’t believe black people can own a mansion. Wow.

Remember Barack Obama is giving the notes here!

So Ethan Hawke lets them in, doesn’t have any issues, etc. but the black daughter happens to be butting heads with Julia Roberts because she doesn’t like the way the white lady has been talking to her or what the white lady thinks, or any white people for that matter.

So the apocalyptic stuff starts happening blah blah blah (if it seems familiar, the director also did Mr. Robot).

They are all sharing the house and seem to be getting along.

Well, Ali is making drinks and makes Ethan Hawke a drink but Julia Roberts refuses. Why? Because the black guy must have roofied it. So instead, she takes her wine glass which is right next to where he is making his drinks. Okay.

Oh, how about this one? White dude Ethan Hawke is a professor at a community college. He learns that one of his former students is writing a second book and wants him to write the forward. Awesome! Congrats! Well, the former student happens to be a female. Hey, no problems there. The scene didn’t make a big deal out of it… However, it comes into play when he is smoking a bowl with the black daughter who asks him if he ever fucked one of his students and that he looks the type. He says he isn’t the type and laughs at the question. That night, the black daughter is scared so she asks Ali to sleep in the same bed as her. He cuddles his daughter and she says Ethan Hawke wanted to fuck her and that she doesn’t feel safe in the house (with all the white people). Also while drinking, Ali almost hooks up with Roberts. Ali’s wife might have just died in a plane accident due to what’s going on and Roberts’ husband is right outside, again smoking dope and talking about fucking girls with the black girl.

Prior to that the black girl also told her dad that white people are bad, and all the time she is prancing around with her nipples sticking out of her shirt (it’s not cold out because they are swimming).

Oh, and Ethan Hawke drove into town looking for answers and came across some lady by herself in the middle of nowhere who speaks Spanish. Well, Ethan Hawke can’t speak Spanish, so fuck her, she’s probably an illegal working on the farms anyway, and off he drives.

Remember Barack Obama is giving the notes here!

So Ethan Hawke’s son – who is a big pervert as he jacks off to pics of the black daughter in her bathing suit that he took pics of at the pool and she knows he took – ends up getting sick. It was thought to have been from a tick bite (don’t go in the woods! white people hunt in the woods!) so Ali remembers his contractor is a survivalist type of dude and might have medicine. Oh, yeah, Julia Robert ran into the contractor at the store in town earlier and was staring at him loading water into his truck. That’s Kevin Bacon’s character.

So Ali, Hawke, and the son drive to Bacon’s house, which of course has the American flag flying high and mighty proud! You know where this is going. Kevin Bacon is the crazy white guy with the gun. He doesn’t want to give them anything, he’s only protecting his own family, etc. He tells them to leave his property and threatens them with his gun. So Mahershala Ali pulls out his own gun and there is a faceoff. Ali wants the medicine, they’re friends, this shouldn’t be happening, etc. Then Ethan Hawke steps in between them and starts crying out how he is a big bitch! Ethan Hawke is begging Kevin Bacon for medicine. Hawke is like, “I’m a worthless piece of shit. I’m not a man. You are a man. Can I have the medincine?” WTF? It was hilarious.

Remember Barack Obama is giving the notes here!

So all the while this has been going on, the white daughter went missing as she wandered off. Apparently, she has OCD or something as the internet and power “magically” went off before she could watch the last episode of Friends, which she had been binge-watching. So she is all f’d up because of her anxiety and starts looting other mansions. She finds all kinds of snacks to eat and is stuffing her face.

So as Ali, Hawke and the son went to get medicine, Julia Roberts and the black girl went looking for the white daughter. They go out in the woods to the cabin, and the deer have been acting strange due to some sort of microwave weapon being used on the populace. The deer surround the black girl (black people don’t hunt!). Then the white lady comes to her aid! Julia Roberts starts screaming at the deer, then the black girl joins in and they scare them off.

Back to Ali, Hawke, and the son, who learn from Bacon that another mansion down the road might have a fallout shelter.

Back to the black girl who is staring at something. Julia Roberts goes over and looks and she can’t believe it, either. Bombs are being dropped on NYC. They’re friends now.

So back to the white girl in the mansion, she sees lights on in another room and goes off to investigate. It’s the “fallout shelter,” which is really another fucking mansion in the basement. As it’s made for emergencies and such, where the internet likely wouldn’t work, it contains a collection of Blu-Ray TV shows and movies. Yep! You guessed it! They got Friends! The fuckin’ end!

So what’s really going on:

Julia Roberts is a big see-you-next-Tuesday who hates everything and is suspicious of black people and hates everybody.

Ethan Hawke is a big bitch who can’t provide for his family or anyone else and is nothing without his phone and computer.

Their son is a big pervert.

The white daughter thinks no one likes or listens to her and has anxiety – she has no Friends except for the show.

Kevin Bacon is the typical American-loving gun-toting white dude “we all know and love.”

The black daughter also happens to be racist.

Mahershala Ali? The Big G is the man with all the answers! He knows what is going on. He knows to leave the city and head for the hills (watch the OG Red Dawn), he has the house, he has the money, he has the gun, he has all the f’n answers (is he supposed to be Barack Obama???).

So the moral of the story is the black people and the white people can’t get along unless there is an “event” that will force them to. They need to be united through catastrophe, chaos, and destruction.

The movie says who is behind chaos and destruction: the evil cabal.

Something else to think about is if Leave The World Behind is predictive programming by the cabal. If so, stock up on candles and batteries…

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