Laurence Fishburne Confirms Giant-Man For What If? Season 2

Fans will get to see Goliath in action in the animated series that returns to Disney Plus offering an alternate take on the MCU.

Laurence Fishburne Confirms Giant-Man For What If? Season 2

Laurence Fishburne not only returns for John Wick 4 this week but the actor also confirms Giant-Man for Marvel’s What if? Season 2 coming to Disney Plus.

First appearing in Ant-Man and the Wasp as Bill Foster, Laurence Fishburne remarks that if Marvel needs him, they still have his phone number, and when it’s commented it is shocking that Bills Foster didn’t appear in Quantumania, Fishburne reveals he is involved with What If? Season 2.

“Bill Foster shows up in What If?” confirms Fishburne. “Yeah. Bill Foster shows up in What If? as Giant-Man, actually.”

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How does Laurence Fishburne fit into the MCU?

In the comics, Bill Foster also goes by the name Goliath, and in the MCU, we never got a chance to see his giant-sized persona, as he was the original Goliath years ago and has a history with Michael Douglas’ Hanky Pym where the two are at odds in the movie over his adoptive daughter, the villain Ghost.

Ghost is revealed to be the daughter of another colleague of Hank Pym’s who along with Foster was fired. Her real father ran a quantum experiment that resulted in his death and her mother’s where her body was molecularly altered which enables her to phase through objects. Long story short, she becomes a SHIELD assassin, and then when Janet comes out of the Quantum Realm, Janet gives her quantum energy to temporarily stabilize her cells. Ghost is now said to be next featured as part of the team of Thunderbolts in the movie of the same name.

Not much is known about the episode of What If? Season 2 featuring Laurence Fishburne, but perhaps an episode deals with what if Bill Foster became Ant-Man instead of Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym and/or what if Bill Foster married Janet? The episode could be in part set in the past and be an alternate “What If” take on Bill Foster and the Ant-Man movies.

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What is What If…? Season 2 about?

What If? Season 2 doesn’t have a Disney Plus release date as of yet and Marvel has seen delays, so it’s unknown when Season 2 is set to debut.

The What If? Season 2 trailer also hasn’t been released but last Summer at Comic-Con, Marvel did show off footage featuring Hayley Atwell back as Captain Carter with Bucky Barnes who now runs SHIELD in addition to other footage, with Season 2 said to be pulling more from the Phase 4 movies.

Additional characters featured in Season 2 are said to include Hela, Shang-Chi, T’challa, the Red Guardian, and Thanos, with footage on Skaar featuring Tony Stark in the Hulkbuster suit with Valkyrie and Korg, and Valkyrie and Korg with the Grandmaster. An episode with Tony Stark and Gamora meant for Season 1 will also now appear in Season 2.

Similar to how Season 1 includes the Marvel Zombies which is supposed to get its own show, Season 2 will feature Marvel 1602, the story from the comics by Neil Gaiman where a timeline features the Marvel superheroes existing in the Elizabethan era.