Kick-Ass Getting Reboot Treatment

Via original director Matthew Vaughn and creator Mark Millar.

Via original director Matthew Vaughn and creator Mark Millar.

Kick-Ass Getting The Reboot Treatment

It’s learned the Kick-Ass movies are getting the reboot treatment, as confirmed by original director Matthew Vaughn.

The first flick, adapted from the Mark Millar comic book of the same name, was released in 2010 starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Mark Strong.

The sequel, Kick-Ass 2, was released in 2013.

The flicks made $160 million at the box office.

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What are the Kick-Ass reboot details?

Matthew Vaughn appeared over the weekend at the New York Comic-Con (NYCC) promoting Argylle starring Henry Cavill and mentioned the Kick-Ass reboot (via EW).

Kick-Ass changed people’s perception of what a superhero film is. We’re doing it again,” Vaughn confirmed during the panel.

Matthew Vaughn didn’t reveal specifics but said after the reboot they want the other actors and characters from the original movies to appear, so that means new characters for the Kick-Ass reboot.

“None of the other characters from the other Kick-Ass are in it, though we’d like to have them back after the reboot. I can’t really talk about it, but it’s fun!” 

Mark Millar added on Twitter, “DMs filled with people asking me about this. Can say nothing until next year!”

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What is the Kick-Ass reboot about?

Again, nothing official, but Mark Millar did reboot things recently in the comics.

Back in 2018, the mantle was passed from Dave to a black woman named Patience Lee, a military veteran.

Millar even said he wouldn’t mind seeing Marvel’s Tessa Thompson in the suit.

“A lot of fans asking who I’d want as this new Kick-Ass. To be honest, one choice really jumps out and that’s Tessa Thompson,” Miller tweeted at the time. “I like Eshete a lot, but I somehow buy Tessa T more in the various aspects of this character. Soldier, mother, vigilant superhero. She’s very formidable, but has a very likeable softness too. She’s got terrific range as an actress… She’s exact same age as the character. Both 34.”

Over the Summer, Miller also crossed over Kick-Ass with his Kingsman, Nemesis, The Magic Order, and all of his franchises into one comic book event with The Big One.

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Who Patience Lee in Kick-Ass?

Mark Miller spoke with back in 2018 explaining the difference between Patience Lee and Dave Lizewski.

“The big difference is that she’s immensely capable. I have a lot of fun playing with this in the story because Dave Lizewski was a good-hearted, ordinary loser who came home every night with broken ribs or a black eye and wasn’t especially well-trained. He just had good intentions,” said Miller.

Miller continued, “Patience is completely different in that she’s just back from Afghanistan and finds her life in a very unusual situation, one in which it makes sense for her to suddenly be dressing up in a green wetsuit and carrying a couple of sticks at night. Their personalities are just completely different, and being in her 30s and a mother gives the whole thing a completely different edge too. This is a military vet as opposed to a bored schoolboy, and she feels more in keeping with the more capable hero archetype of this decade.”

Miller added, “The ’70s lead was a man in touch with his feelings, the ’80s leads were hard-bodied and one-dimensional, the ’90s leads were animated funnymen, and the [nineties] leads were nerds. Dave Lizewski perfectly encapsulated the Tobey Maguire/Jesse Eisenberg era of leading men, but Patience is the very capable grownup we admire and want to be in this decade.

“I hadn’t even realized it until I’d written it, as these things are very subconscious, but the nerdy Dave just feels wrong for now, and the very effective, meticulous Patience just feels right,” said Miller. “It would be boring seeing a teenage superhero just screwing up again. Seeing someone who’s really good at this and wearing that costume is actually really exciting and gives the comic a really different flavor, especially where we go with it.”

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