Kevin Smith Loses It Over ‘Spider-Man: No Way’ Home Oscars Snub


Kevin Smith loses it – and drops lots of f-bombs – over his feelings that the Oscars snubbed Spider-Man: No Way Home for Best Picture.

On Wednesday, Kevin Smith mentioned the Oscar nominations (full list here) on his Fatman Beyond podcast and couldn’t believe that Spider-Man: No Way Home didn’t get nominated for Best Picture.

“I would just like to congratulate the good folks who made Spider-Man: No Way Home for the very deserved Best Picture nomination that I’m sure it got, I didn’t read the nods,” Smith said, but then was told it didn’t get nominated. “What the f’k! They got 10 slots, they can’t give one to the biggest f’n movie of, like, the last three years?”

Smith continued with mention that it’s unheard of for Spider-Man not to get nominated for Best Picture especially considering how poor the ratings have been for the Oscars.

“Like f’n make a populist choice, f—, man. You got how many slots? Throw in Spider-Man for God’s sakes; let him swing in there. F—–g poor kid’s always getting crapped on and sh-t. Show Peter Parker some f—–g love. I’m not even being facetious, with as many movies as they now nominate for Best Picture….” Smith said.

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Spider-Man No Way Home Oscars

Spider-Man: No Way Home nominated for Best Visual Effects Oscar

Spider-Man: No Way Home is up for one Oscar as it has been nominated for Best Visual Effects along with Dune, Free Guy, No Time To Die, and Shang-Chi.

The ten movies up for Best Picture include Belfast, CODA, Don’t Look Up, Drive My Car, Dune, King Richard, Licorice Pizza, Nightmare Alley, The Power of the Dog, and West Side Story.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has a current box office of $1.778 billion dollars.

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