Kevin Feige Avoiding Black Panther, Disney & Fox Studios & Captain Marvel Questions?

Kevin Feige Avoiding Black Panther, Disney & Fox Studios & Captain Marvel Questions?

In an odd bit of news it’s learned that Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige is not doing one-on-one interviews for the upcoming Black Panther movie.

It’s actually suggested the reason for Kevin Feige not doing interviews is because of Disney purchasing Fox Studios, which means the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Wolverine and Deadpool properties will now be at Marvel.

News of Kevin Feige seemingly avoiding Black Panther interviews comes from Collider who notes this will be the first time they haven’t done an interview with Feige on one of the Marvel movies.

“Just found out @Kevfeige isn’t doing 1:1s tomorrow for’ ‘Black Panther’. Just the press conference. My crazy streak of talking to him for like every Marvel movie is over. Can’t believe it lasted this long! I’d wager he doesn’t want to answer Disney/Fox questions…” the tweet says.

Now if the Disney and Fox deal is the reason for not doing interviews, that would mean Kevin Feige isn not going to do interviews for Avengers: Infinity War or interviews for the next 12-18 months because that is how long the deal between Disney and Fox is going to take to go through.

Kevin Feige by not doing interviews for Black Panther also sees the head of Marvel Studios avoid commenting on the Captain Marvel costume, which has caused a bit of controversy because of the look and color scheme. 

Kevin Feige will also obviously avoid any questions about Marvel’s potential Super Bowl spots said to include Avengers: Infinity War.

Now it is entirely possible that Kevin Feige may still be doing interviews about Black Panther, just with specific news organizations. 

I don’t see why Feige or his PR people simply say “no comment” about the Fox and Disney deal, but still promote Black Panther.

I have to say from my years of covering all the Marvel Studios news, this is unlike Kevin Feige to skip out on interviews. It’s possible Marvel may release their “generic” interviews with Feige, so if that is the case, I’ll be posting them at a later time.

Black Panther hits February 16th.

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