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The Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Speculated & More

The Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl Trailer Speculated & More

This Sunday marks the Big Game, and while my Buffalo Bills won’t be in the Super Bowl until next year, at least I have the movie trailers and commercials to look forward to for this year.

While the trailers are not exactly confirmed, it’s thought a number of studios will be dropping Super Bowl trailers to the tune of $5 million for a 30-second spot.

It’s being said that Disney/Marvel will be running two spots at 30-seconds and 45-seconds, with at least one spot for Black Panther and the other possibly for The Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s also being reported that Disney Pixar may drop a Super Bowl trailer/spot for The Incredibles 2.

Disney may also release spots for the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo movie and A Wrinkle In Time

Other potential trailers include the new Cloverfield movie, which actually might be picked up by Netflix, meaning the movie won’t debut in theaters, but similar to the well-received Bright movie, will debut on the Netflix streaming service (yeah! we get to pause it!).

Universal looks to be dropping a trailer for Jurassic World: Forbidden Kingdom and possibly Dwayne Johnson’s – who is coming hot off of JumanjiSkyscraper.

Look for a Super Bowl trailer for Paramount’s Mission Impossible 6 starring Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg and Henry Cavill, and a trailer for John Krasinski’s horror movie, A Quiet Place.

Deadline reports that once again WB will be sitting out the Super Bowl (meaning no Aquaman), and also that both Sony and Fox Studios have chosen to save some cash and opt out. 

Super Bowl 52 airs Sunday, February 4th at 6:30pm on NBC pitting the Philadelphia Eagles vs the New England Patriots featuring the Half Time Show with Justin Timberlake .