Keanu Reeves Kills Them All In ‘John Wick 4’ Trailer At CinemaCon

Lionsgate, Reeves, and director Chad Stahelski show off the first footage from the movie that's non-stop John Wick killing people.

Lionsgate, Reeves, and director Chad Stahelski show off the first footage from the movie that's non-stop John Wick killing people.


Though the flick is still a ways off, Lionsgate and Keanu Reeves along with director Chad Stahelski showed off the new John Wick 4 trailer at CinemaCon which is described as non-stop John Wick killing people.

“I first met you, Chad, when we were doing The Matrix in 1998,” Reeves said on stage. “I think that’s the movie where we forged the fire of our creative bond through the Wachowski school of cinema and storytelling. It’s been an honor to build these stories with you.” He then described the John Wick franchise as “a celebration of fight choreography, balletic action and storytelling that can only happen through movement.”

The trailer starts off set in Tokyo with John Wick in a gym when Laurence Fishburne’s Bowery King enters and says, “Are you ready, John?” The trailer also promises “a new day is dawning, new ideas, new rules, new management.”

“Yeah,” John Wick replies, “I’m going to kill them all.”

Footage also shows epic fight scenes including a water-soaked scene, John Wick riding a horse in the desert, car chases, and Wick smashing a foe’s head with nunchucks.

“I want you to find peace, John,” Ian McShane’s Winston says. “The only path this leads to is death.”

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John Wick 4 Trailer Keanu Reeves

John Wick: Chapter 4 gets released in 2023

Lionsgate Chairman Joe Drake also said before the pair came on stage: “Chad, as you might know, was a stuntman first. It’s rare that people go from driving off cliffs to sitting in the director’s chair… Usually it’s the other way around. We’d worked with Chad on The Expendables back in 2010. He had the most unique perspective on stunts we’d ever seen. We placed a bet — that Chad’s vision coupled with Keanu’s singular screen presence would rewrite the action genre. And that bet paid off for everybody.”

Drake continued, “Moviegoers told us that watching the first Wick was like seeing the genre evolve right before their eyes, with fight scenes crazier and somehow more real than anything they’d ever seen. Shepherded by Chad in the director’s chair, and the Baba Yaga himself, these incredible filmmakers continue to subvert genre conventions and defy audience expectations. More lore. More inventiveness. Exquisite locations. From the Roman Catacombs, to Halle Berry shooting her way out of Casablanca. From John killing a 7-foot-tall hitman with a library book to horses galloping across the endless sweeping dunes of the Jordan desert. That’s how John Wick became more than a beloved franchise — a singular experience and a cultural phenomenon. An original story with no pre-existing fanbase that made it to the big screen, bringing audiences rushing back to the theater for a fourth time.”

In a post-event video interview (watch below), Keanu Reeves also said, “We have new characters.”

Stahelski added, “Brought back some of our solid cast. Ian McShane is back. Laurence Fishburne is back. Lance Reddick is back. We have a great new cast that’s fantastic that expands the universe quite a bit.”

John Wick: Chapter 4 gets released on March 24, 2023.

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