Justice League Investigation Involving Whedon, Johns, Berg Underway


AT&T and WarnerMedia have launched an investigation into the production of the Justice League movie involving director Joss Whedon, and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

The investigation comes about as a result of allegations from Cyborg actor Ray Fisher who has alleged there were problems on the set while filming Justice League.

“After 5 weeks of interviews with various cast/crew, @WarnerMedia has officially launched an independent third-party investigation to get to the heart of the toxic and abusive work environment created during Justice League reshoots. This is a MASSIVE step forward!” tweeted Fisher Thursday. “I believe this investigation will show that Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon, Jon Berg (and others) grossly abused their power during the uncertainty of AT&T’s merger with Time Warner. Thank you @WarnerMedia and @ATT for making strides to ensure a safer workplace for all! A>E.”

Variety notes sources close to the studio have no findings as of yet and there is no specific timeline for the investigation. It’s further said that the source “stressed that WarnerMedia hasn’t prejudged Whedon, Johns, or Berg, that the investigation is not limited to them, and that to preserve the integrity of the investigation, the company won’t conduct it in the public sphere.”

Justice League

Ray Fisher accuses Whedon, Johns, Berg while filming Justice League

Back in July and August saw Ray Fisher tweet about the alleged set problems involving Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg, with Fisher recently accusing Johns of going so far as to threaten his career.

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