CBN Casting Call: David Slade’s Daredevil Movie

Just What The Doc Ordered

 Daredevil Movie Casting Call by: Chris "DOC" Bushley


Just What The Doc Ordered

Just What The Doc Ordered

 Daredevil Movie Casting Call by: Chris “DOC” Bushley


With all the hype about reboots and relaunches going on these days, I thought it was the perfect time to put in my two cents regarding the one that is most dear to me – David Slade’s remake of Daredevil!

I will be the first to admit that I own the original, not proud of it, but I do. The movie was horrible, but I felt compelled to support the character none the less, sounds strange – I know, but Daredevil was the first comic I read religiously, and I lent my support where needed. But now, we have the chance to have it done right! With David Slade at the helm, and a script that is supposedly based off of Frank Miller’s Born Again arc – we are already starting out above the previous film by leaps and bounds! So, even though there is no mention of who will be cast in this version, I decided to help Slade out a little and give him some ideas and a quick synopsis of what I think it should be like!


pic Daredevil/Matt Murdock: James Marsden

The blind protector of Hell’s Kitchen stands both strong in the courtroom and stoic on the rooftops as Daredevil. James Marsden has the perfect look for DD, and has some history rocking those red shades as Cyclops. Plus, he needs some redemption after Hop!

picKingpin/Wilson Fisk: James Gandolini

DD’s greatest foe and the man that will eventually break our hero’s spirit. In my eyes, there is only one man that can pull off ruling the streets of Hell’s Kitchen with an iron fist – James Gandolfini!


pic Karen Paige: Rachel McAdams  

Sweet, sassy and strong willed. She is the woman that would help Matt Murdock truly “see” how to live and eventually how to lose everything! Rachel McAdams has both the acting chops and the heartbreaking skills to pull off the perfect love of DD’s life! Plus if she’s in it, I just might be able to see the movie with my wife!

pic Franklin “Foggy” Nelson: Matt Czuchry

Matt’s college roommate, second chair at the firm, best friend and the light that guides DD back to reality out of the chaotic super hero life. Though not the frumpy overweight version of “Foggy,” Matt Czuchry has danced his way around a courtroom as Cary Agos on The Good Wife. Plus, the dynamic between Marsden and Czuchry would really solidify the bond these two friends need to have.

pic Bullet:  Vin Diesel

The physical complete opposite of DD, he his bulky, powerful and unrelenting. Vin Diesel can pull off the hitman that hates what he does, but who will do anything so his son can lead a normal life. Think of an amalgam of his roles in A Man Apart and Fast Five.


Stick:  Sam Elliot

The man who not only trained Matt Murdock to embrace his blindness and how to go beyond his limitations, but who also led him to become a master fighter in all forms of the martial arts. Who has played a better mentor role than the amazing Sam Elliot?

pic “Battlin'” Jack Murdock:  Mickey Rourke

Matt’s washed up, boxer of a father, that only wanted his son to become something far better that he was. Dying at the hands of members of organized crime for not throwing a fight, his death actually pushed Matt to become DD. Who has played more washed up characters in the past five years than Mickey Rourke?

pic Bullseye:  Zachary Quinto

The sadistic assassin that has tormented DD’s life for years, killing both of his true loves in front of him! He needs to be portrayed by someone that can pull of a sense of cunning and slight derangement. Zachary Quinto has mastered both of these aspects portraying Sylar in the much missed Heroes series!


That’s my cast!  

pic In my vision, Bullet and the Kingpin would be the big bads with Bullseye only coming in at the end to help set up a sequel. Karen Paige would be changed into a social worker that would be working the case on Bullet’s son, which eventually will separate Bullet’s relationship with the Kingpin when he is asked to kill her to hurt DD. The Kingpin will hire The Hand to enforce his grip on Hell’s Kitchen, and crazy Ong Bak style fight scenes will ensue as DD takes them down. Some flashback scenes are placed here and there to get a feel for how Matt became DD, and the entire movie would have DD’s outer monolog, reminiscent of Loeb and Sale’s Daredevil: Yellow, to project the feeling of loss. And oh what a loss it is!

As DD fights off the last of The Hand in the church he and Karen were supposed to be wed, Bullseye appears after having killed Bullet. But he is not alone, he has kidnapped Karen, who was being warned by Bullet about the hit on her. As DD is fending off The Hand, Bullseye kills her in front of him and escapes laughing. The movie wraps with Matt and “Foggy” at the cemetery in front of Karen’s grave. As”Foggy” leaves, we are given the classic shot of Matt hugging the grave.  

Post Credit Ending: Thugs sitting around talking about how the Kingpin took out DD and how the streets are theirs for the taking. A quick flash bomb goes off and the place becomes filled with gun fire. A camera shot of boots walking, while clips hit the floor from an M-16, eventually brings us to a thug crawling on the floor. A man picks him up and asks,”Where’s the Kingpin?” But the man is too scared to answer. The thug is dropped to the floor and the camera panes up to reveal Thomas Jane as the Punisher standing amidst the smoke and chaos! Can you say “Big Shots” baby? Marvel’s next trifecta series brought to you by the “DOC!”

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