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Joss Whedon Explains Why No Batgirl

Staff Posted: 04/24/2018 - 14:27 COMMENT

Prior to the release of Justice League, Joss Whedon was developing a Batgirl film, which he was writing, directing and producing.

Following the release of Justice League, Joss Whedon was announced off Batgirl.

Whedon went to the Red Carpet premiere of The Avengers: Infinity War and explained why he departed Batgirl.

"It had been a year since I first pitched the story. A lot happened in that year, and I felt that some of the elements might not work as well. and the story kind of just crumbled in my hands," Whedon said. "There were elements that I just hadn't mastered, and after a long time, I felt like I wasn't going to. So, I told people that I didn't have an idea, which isn't exactly true. I had an idea, and it just didn't fit into the space that was left for it. It was a little heartbreaking because I was so excited about it, but I'm currently working on something of my own and there's nothing more exciting to me than that."

Batgirl is now said to have a female writer on board with DC looking for a female director.