Jonathan Frakes Wants To Write For Marvel; Discusses Gargoyles, Star Trek and more


pic“Number One” would like to pen Fantastic Four, Iron Man – or another big name comic for Marvel.

Jonathan Frakes, “Commander William Riker” on Star Trek: The Next Generation, answered some questions over at that ranged from Star Trek, to Gargoyles – to Marvel Comics.

“I’ve been trying to get one of those big ones, Fantastic Four, Iron Man…really, nothing would thrill me more,” said Frakes.

Wow. I wonder if Frakes would be a good fit?

Obviously, he has a big sci-fi background and has experience directing, as well. Has he ever done comics, before?

Frakes also mentioned the cult hit toon Gargoyles – that he wasn’t really sure why it was taken off the air so quick, and that he doesn’t know the status. He says, he always gets asked about it, and stated it should still be on the tube.

“I agree, totally. It was so literate, and filled with talented actors and writers, and the animation was great.   It was very special, and it should still be on the air.  Not only the mythology was great, but they had a lot of Shakespeare references, and the kids didn’t know it, but they were getting some version of education,” said Frakes.

When asked about the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek, Frakes informs us that, while some of the other cast members weren’t too big of fans – he was.”

“Specifically with Star Trek I was really impressed with J.J [Abrams]’ reboot out of our franchise, I thought he was loyal to the Roddenberry philosophy.  The scope of the show was spectacular, the casting and storytelling  Unlike some in the Star Trek family, I’m thrilled with what J.J. has done with the franchis,” stated Frakes.

What about another Star Trek TV show? Frakes gives us his two cents.

“I had a Star Trek that I developed for TV, and we were told in no uncertain terms that they said no to Bryan Singer TV Star Trek, they said no to a William Shatner TV Star Trek.  They feel at CBS Paramount that they don’t want to make the same mistake that’s been made before, which was watering down the brand by having a TV show and a movie.  That’s what happened with Star Trek: Nemesis, and that’s why I think Star Trek: Enterprise didn’t last the way they expected to.  It was the classic corporate greed of “we’ve got something good, so let’s continue to milk it” and we milked it so dry that the fans had no appetite for a movie.   So I think what they’ve done by taking time off before the Abrams Star Trek, and they’re doing it again because they haven’t even begun to shoot the second one is a much smarter business plan. Much to my chagrin! Not that wouldn’t love the Titan, or the Rikers in space, or any of those shows on the air,” said Frakes.

For more from Jonathan Frakes check out the interview at and also Bar: Karma, which he directs, and is set to air tomorrow.