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Joker Leaks Online From Gotham Series Finale

Matt McGloin Posted: 02/17/2019 - 17:38 COMMENT
Joker Leaks Online From Gotham Series Finale

Images of the Joker from the Gotham series finale have leaked online offering what the Clown Prince Of Crime - or a version of him - will look like when the series time jumps ten years ahead.

The images feature Cameron Monaghan as Jeremiah as a more monstrous version of the Joker who is scarred and basically bald, but still sports the white, red and green look.

It should be noted that Cameron Monaghan is not playing "The Joker," but sort of a proto-Joker, as apparently WB wouldn't let them go the full route, but it has yet to be confirmed in the show. Maybe they'll surprise us in the final episode.

Gotham series finale Joker Leak

Joker Gotham leak

Additional details made known about the Gotham series finale is that it will feature both Batman and Catwoman in addition to a classic-looking Penguin. It also confirmed that Batman will be used throughout the entire last episode and won't just be a one-time appearance in a single scene.

Check out the most recent trailer with the "Jeremiah ‘Chemical Green’ Band Movie Trailer" teasing Jeremiah's "final act of insanity" below.

Gotham airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on FOX with the series finale airing April 25.

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