Joe Manganiello Denies Suicide Squad Rumors



Yesterday saw David Ayer tweet out a photo of the cast of Suicide Squad where fans immediately noticed the lack of Joe Manganiello, who was said to be playing Deathstroke.

Rumors quickly followed stating that Joe Manganiello had dropped out and/or had been replaced by Jim Parrack.

Then images from the new Pee Wee Herman movie hit the net, with further speculation stating Joe Manganiello left Suicide Squad for Pee Wee.

Now the actor has taken to Twitter to shoot down the Suicide Squad rumors.

“To the [Suicide Squad] rumor mill, that’s not the character I was in talks for, nor was I replaced by anyone,” Manganiello tweeted. “Never signed on.”

Manganiello also included the hashtag: “DontBelieveTheHype.”